How to Create WordPress Order Form: Here’s a Step-wise Guide!

A simple WordPress order form is a form that is used by a buyer to request products from the seller.

Also, when a business accepts requests from buyers who want to place bulk orders, then the order form is used.

Order forms are vastly used by wholesale businesses and suppliers. An order form solves the basic problem of managing bulk orders. It helps you to process bulk orders quickly and seamlessly.

RegistrationMagic is one of the leading WordPress form builders and WordPress order form plugin that allows you to build various types of forms including order forms. You can create and customize an endless number of forms using this plugin.

Starting from the order form, registration form, WooCommerce form to payment forms, you can easily manage and create forms using this WordPress order form plugin. Check out all the features of RegistrationMagic here.


How to Create WordPress Order Forms

To create an order form in WordPress you need to install RegistrationMagic on your website. Download this best WordPress order form plugin from this link or click the button below:

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Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, follow the below-given steps to create an order form:

Creating an order form in WordPress

Step1: Go to your Admin Panel, open RegistrationMagic, and open all forms.

order forms

Step2: On the All Forms page, click on New Form.

Order forms

Step2: Further, enter the name of the form.

Registration Form

Step3: If you also want to accept user registration with this form, then don’t select ‘Turn off User Registration for this Form.’

Generally, registration and bulk WordPress order forms on WooCommerce are separately created, so you can select this option.

Step4: Now, Save the form. It will be created and added to the list of All Forms. From there, find your form and click on Fields.

Order Forms

Step5: If you have chosen this as a Registration Form, then some fields are pre-added to your form.

Order form

Step6: To add more fields, click on Add New and select field types.

Add fields

Order forms

Step7: From the options, select one field and add its details. Once you have added the required fields, configure the payment options.

Adding Payment Mode

Step1: Find Global Settings under RegistrationMagic. On this page, you will find various options. From these options, select Payments.

Registration Form with PayPal

Step2: On the Payments page, you can Configure various payment types. For instance, if you click on ‘Configure’ of Stripe, then this page will appear.

order form

Step3: You need to add a Stripe API key to start using it.

order form WordPress

Note: Similarly, you can add more than one payment type. This means that you can allow your users to pay using different methods. Here is how you can set up PayPal, Stripe, and Offline payment options on your forms.

Step4: After configuring payment, Save the details and move to the next step.

Creating a Product

Step1: Once you have added fields and payment mode, you need to create a product. After creating the product, we will assign this product to your simple WordPress Order form.

Step2: Under the RegistrationMagic menu, go to Products.

Step3: Click ‘New Product’ to add a new product to your list.

order form

Step4: On the New Product page, add product pricing types. There are four Product Pricing Types, namely Fixed, Multi-Select, Dropdown, and User-Defined.

registration form with PayPal

Step5: Now, add the Name of the product.

registration form with PayPal

Step6: Finally, define the pricing of the product.

Step7: You can also allow users to specify quantity, which is useful when you are making WooCommerce bulk order forms.

registration form with PayPal

Step8: Once you are done configuring the WordPress product, Save it.

Similarly, you can create various products and add pricing to these products.

Assign Product to the Bulk Order Form

Step1: Go back to your WordPress Order form and Fields.

Step2: From Fields Manager, go to New Field and Add Product.

Add product

Step3: In the Add Product field, you can specify the Label of the product. For example, if you want to name this product A, you need to write A here.

Step4: From the drop-down of Select Product, select Product A that we have created above.

order form WordPress

Step5: You can also use a hover text, shown when a user brings the cursor to a field.

Step6: Further, you can change the icon of your product. It is possible to define the color, opacity, and shape of the container.

WordPress Order form

Step7: Lastly, under the Advanced Settings, you can define the CSS Class Attributes, Rules, etc.

WordPress Order form

Step8: Once you have added the product to your form, click on Save. Similarly, you can add as many products to your WordPress custom order form as you like.

Step9: To publish the form, copy the form shortcode, create a new page, paste the shortcode and publish.

Frontend Example of WordPress Order Form

This is how your WordPress custom order form will look on the frontend after publishing it:

Order Form

Here you can see the payment options that you added to the form:

Order Form


Creating an online WordPress order form has a range of benefits. You get to accept bulk orders, reach out to new buyers, and improve supply chain management.

Utilize the RegistrationMagic plugin to create and seamlessly manage online WordPress order forms with payment.

For further queries, you can reach out to us in the below comment section. We will get back to you with answers.

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