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WordPress registration form required fields – complete guide

Registration form required fields for collecting information

Registration, apart form what it does, is also a method for collecting user information. Any registration form, except the most basic ones, will have fields that are required to be filled before being submitted. Email by its very nature is mandatory, since it’s the only bridge for communication between the WordPress site and the registering user. As we have already learned, a WordPress registration form can be easily populated with custom fields which are formatted and validated to collect various bits of user information when submitting the form. Let us now learn to make registration form required fields so that they must hold values when user submits the form or otherwise return error asking user to fill them first.

For this demonstration, we have created a generic form with following fields:

• First Name – WP Profile Field
• Last Name – WP Profile Field
• Date of Birth – Custom Date Field
• Email – Mandatory Email Field
• Marital Status – Radio box field
• Bio – WP Profile Field

Marking a registration form field as required

The form fields looks something like this in our RegistrationMagic dashboard area.

Registration form required fields -1

And like this on our front end using Twenty Sixteen theme. The look maybe different depending on your theme.

Registration form required fields - 0

We need to make first two registration form required fields. For this we have to click on the Edit button on the field bar.

Registration form required fields -2

It opens the registration form field settings. On this page, there’s a checkbox with label – Is Required. We need to check it and save, and go on to repeat the process with the second field.

Registration form required fields - 3

Once we are finished, let’s move to front end and see any difference on our form.

Registration form required fields - 4

As we can see, red asterisks appear before first the two field labels. This universally signify a required field. Next lets make sure they are doing exactly what they intend to do by trying to submit the form while keeping first two fields blank. Here’s what we’ve got:

Registration form required fields - 5

Not only the form fails to submit, two notices appear below the first two input boxes telling the user that he or she must fill them for a successful submission. Remember, nobody likes a form that keeps throwing error, and we want the user to get it right first time. Therefore, it’s very useful to add help text to the fields to let user know exactly what information we need.

Adding help text to registration form fields

For this, we are going to do two things 1) Add Placeholder Text 2) Add Help Text to both the fields. We’ll to go back to Registration Form Field settings. Both settings are right below the field Label.

Registration form required fields - 6

Now the front end of the form appears as:

Registration form required fields - 7

If we move cursor to the first input box, Helptext appears below it automatically.

Registration form required fields - 8

Remove asterisks from registration form required fields

Everything is working perfectly now. There’s one more thing – many folks do not want the red asterisks to appear on their forms. RegistrationMagic has an option to serve them as well. We go to Global Settings —> General and scroll down the page to last option. It says Show Asterisk on Required Fields.

Registration form required fields - 9

By default it is checked. If we uncheck it, save and reload our form:

Registration form required fields - 10

Voila! No more pesky asterisks.

This ends our short tutorial on adding and managing WordPress registration form required fields. We’ll be back soon with another one very soon.


  1. stephy

    i using registration magic plugin For Registration form and using orion otp plugin for otp functionality. i making phone number field is required. that working fine. but without adding the otp the form submit to make otp field is required? give me a solution.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      As of now, we do not have any Orion OTP integration in RegistrationMagic.

  2. Belén Castro Molina

    Hello, in the email that the administrator receives sees all the values ​​thanks to the code {{SUBMISSION_DATA}}. Is there any possibility of knowing the codes of all the values ​​to put them separately?

    1. rmagic

      Hi, not sure if I get the question, but there are more codes – please review this ‘Ideas’ article:

  3. rmagic

    Hi, thank you, sure, we can help. Our support team is accessible at your support desk. Please reach out to us there, and we will help you out.

  4. Star Horn

    Hi – We are having forms allowed through to us even with Required Fields being added. I tested, by not filling in two required fields, the appropriate warning appeared, I filled in field and it allowed the form to be submitted BUT on our receiving end, the two required fields were left empty.
    Can you help?

    1. Star Horn

      As a follow up to my above comment, I checked the Submissions Page and the submission came in with all required fields filled in. So the problem seems to be the Email notice we get -the required fields are not filled in there only. ??

  5. PreciousTreasuresSchool

    How do I get the submitted information? is it saved somewhere and can I download/ receive email notification per registration?

    1. rmagic

      Please open a support ticket so we can help you!

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