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General Settings

General Settings

This section of form settings contains following options.

The name of the form is used for internal reference and is not visible on front-end. It will be available for selection in all form selector dropdowns, so it is a good idea to make it unique.

Brief description about the form, only for your reference. It is not visible on front-end.

Select Form Type
You can select the type of the form here.
WP registration form: This type of form registers user into WordPress during submissions. Username and Password fields are automatically added to the form. User can resubmit this type form after logging in. There would be no username/password field in that case, and registration wouldn’t take place. For setting up user role assignment during registration, please see Form setting >> Accounts.

Non-WP registration form

These are type of contact forms. No user registration takes place during submission. However user can still use OTP login to access his/her data.

Content above the Form
Content inserted here will be displayed above the fields. It is a rich text editor, so feel free to add formatted text, images, and other rich content.

Do not Show Previous Button

If you enable this, previous button will not be shown on multi-page forms. That means user will not be able to navigate back to previously completed page.

Show Total Price on the Form
This option will enable a real-time display of total price on the form. It is helpful when user have a choice of several price options.