WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration

The WooCommerce Integration settings allow you to integrate WooCommerce with RegistrationMagic. Available settings are…

Default Registration Form

If you have created a registration form using RegistrationMagic and would like it to appear on WooCommerce’s customer registration page, this is the setting to use. It displays a list of all forms created with RegistrationMagic in a drop-down list. Select a registration form from here and it will appear to users on the default WooCommerce registration page.

Show Cart with MagicPopup

Enable this setting to setup a quick access link to the cart from the MagicPopup Menu. Please ensure that the “Guest Checkout” setting is disabled from WooCommerce, or else enabling this setting will not be effective.

Enable Role Assignment

Enable this setting to assign custom role defined from the Form Dashboard >> Accounts section to WooCommerce registrations. If turned off, default WooCommerce role will be assigned to the user.