Create multipage registration forms in WordPress

How to create multipage multistep registration forms in WordPress?

Multipage Registration Forms in WordPress

Multipage registration forms are common on WordPress sites. Not everyone needs a single page registration form with all fields stacked one above the other. Some registration forms are large while some forms need to have sections within them. A good example would be a registration form asking for personal details in one section and business information in another. Many registration forms we fill in real life (the one printed on good old paper) have multiple leafs, whether clipped or pinned together, to separate sections and large number of fields.

RegistrationMagic always tried to give power to the admins to move their offline multipage registration forms processes, online. Multipage registration forms in WordPress are natural evolution in this line. Multipage registration forms were introduced in v 3.1.7 Gold Edition. Pages are created and managed in Custom Field Manager section. Pages are represented as tabs on left side of the fields. See the image below:

Multipage registration forms page-tabs


Multipage Multistep Registration Pages

There’s always a Page 1 and we can add subsequent pages by clicking New Page link below the last page’s tab. The pages do not necessarily be named Page 1, Page 2… It’s the default nomenclature that RegistrationMagic follows. To rename a page, we click on the page tab that we want to rename and press Rename Page on top of the custom fields area. A popup box will appear with text box to type in the page name.


Multipage registration forms rename-page


For this demonstration, we will name the first page as “Personal” and second page as “Business”. User will be able to submit the registration form from second page.


Multipage registration forms personal-page


After going through the renaming process, here’s how the Field Manager looks like:


Multipage registration forms renamed-pages


See the tabs on the left side now say Personal and Business? Let’s move ahead and add few random fields to both pages and publish it on the site using short code.


Tip: You can disable the Previous button on multi-page forms by checking the box Hide “Previous” Button at the bottom left of the Fields Manager page. This feature is only available in RegistrationMagic Premium.


Multipage registration forms front-end-view-1

Here’s the first page of the form on front end. Notice a new button Prev (otherwise not visible on one page forms)? It is a navigational button that allows users to go back to the previous page of the form. Currently the Prev button is disabled (and faded out) since there is no previous page.

Clicking on Submit Button will move user to next page named Business.

Multipage registration forms front-end-view-2


This is the last page in our registration form. When user clicks the Submit button the form data is sent to RegistrationMagic database. Noticed the active Prev button on Business page? Being on Page 2, it is active now and user can go back to Personal page by clicking it.

Multipage Registration Forms Configuration

One more thing – you should have also noticed the page names appear on top of each page above the form front end. Right now they are plain and pretty generic. If we want, we can easily style them. This is done from View section of Form Configuration.


Multipage registration forms view


Inside, click on the topmost pulsating circle to open Form Styling panel. There are 3 setting inside this panel which directly style the view of the Page name:

  1. Section Background Color
  2. Section Text Color
  3. Section Text Style

Multipage registration forms styling-section


I have fiddled around and tried to make section name standout a little. Also added few icons. You can always style it based on your theme color. Our form looks like this now:


Multipage registration forms styled-page


Coming back to the dashboard, Multipage registration forms submissions look like normal single page submissions with all fields and their values in vertical order.


Multipage registration forms submission-view


This is only but the start. In coming days Multipage registration forms system will be fleshed out even further with more customization options and presentation settings.  Until next time!

About RegistrationMagic

RegistrationMagic Editorial Staff (rmagic) is a team of WordPress registration experts and major contributor to the development of RegistrationMagic - WordPress User Registration Plugin.


  1. zahra

    hi, how can I have multipage registration forms in version 4??
    I can’t find page!!!

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      To create a multi-page registration form, go to RegistrationMagic > fields of the form > click on ‘new page’ to add a page to the form and now add required fields to this page.

  2. Bee

    Can fields be moved from one page to another, to convert an existing form to multipage?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You will need to add new pages and fields separately to convert form to multipage form. Existing fields are not movable to newly added pages as of now.

      1. Kenny

        It will be great to add that functionality, or at least be able to copy fields from a page & paste them in another.

  3. Donard

    how can i remove the prev button on the first page only ?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Due to technical reasons related to workflow, this is not allowed. Can you please specify why exactly you need it removed?

  4. Paviado

    Hey guys, is the information in one of the pages saved automatically when clicking ‘next’, or only when clicked on the final ‘submit’? As in, is it saving also not 100% completed forms?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The information will be saved only on clicking the final submit button.

  5. Kenny

    Can you move fields across pages or copy fields from one page to another? Thank you

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Kenny,

      Fields can only be moved within their own page. We will plan on adding this functionality in a future update.

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