Form Style

Form Style

Form Style defines the look and feel of your forms on the front end to the site visitors. To configure, head over to Global Settings >> General Settings. It comprises of two modules: Theme and Form Layout.

Theme: There are 2 options to select from:

CLASSIC – This is a neutral style that uses light greys, blacks, and whites tailored to fit into most themes’ color schemes. Buttons are gradients of yellow. Success message also uses same theme.

MATCH MY THEME – This is an adaptive style that tries to establish form elements from your current WordPress theme. The labels are listed on top of the fields. Since there is no exact science behind creativity, it may not work sometimes exactly as intended. With each revision we try to support more themes. If Button style do not match, don’t fret, there is an option in Form Settings to custom style the buttons.

We would recommend trying both styles to see which one suits your theme best. If you have experience in CSS and HTML, you can easily customize the form look to suit your requirements.

Form Layout: You can specify one of the three layouts:

Label left – Field labels are on the left side of the fields.
Label Top– Field labels are rendered on top of the fields.
Two Columns – Fields are divided in two columns. It is useful for long forms and wide screens. Note that this layout is available only with Classic theme.

You can configure finer aspects of form look such as label color, background, etc from Design menu in form specific settings.