How to Display Slider Pop Up Form in WordPress

The MagicPopUp is one of the most innovative features of the RegistrationMagic plugin, or any other user registration plugin for that matter. With the help of MagicPopUp, RegistrationMagic users can now access form submission data, payment details, forms to fill in and their personal details from one single location on the site frontend. When enabled, the MagicPopUp is a small icon on the bottom right of the site and can be activated by the user by clicking on it. That is where the MagicPopUp button usually floats. It is not page specific and will be available to the user on any page of the site. Powered by the MagicPopUp feature, you can now display slider pop up form in WordPress using RegistrationMagic.

So let us now proceed ahead with this tutorial and find out how to do that.

Navigating and Configuring the MagicPopUp

From the RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress dashboard, go to the “All Forms” screen. This section displays every form you have created so far using RegistrationMagic. In this example, we use the General Purpose Registration form template. Form Templates are a good way to setup forms on your site quickly.

Display Slider Pop up Form from

Next, go to the “Dashboard” of the General Purpose Registration form by hovering your cursor on the form envelope. Scroll down to the “Publish” block of icons in the form “Dashboard”. Then click on the “MagicPopUp” icon.

Display Slider Pop up Form navigation

A “Publish” screen appears from where you can display the form in a sliding pop-up. Click the “star” to activate the selected form in MagicPopup. Simultaneously, clicking the star sets this as the default registration form appearing on front-end.

Display Slider Pop up Form activate

Now go back to RegistrationMagic’s “Global Settings” >> “MagicPopup” to activate the extension. Modify MagicPopup settings and specifications from this page.

Display Slider Pop up Form global settings options

Select the first checkbox to turn on the MagicPopup system. This is mandatory in order to display the extension on your page. The “Icon on MagicPopup button” can also be selected from Media Library. This displays an image on the MagicPopup button instead of the default “Users” icon.

The next three checkbox fields are used to display specific tabs in the MagicPopup. Enabling the “Registrations” tab lists all the submissions with their respective submission date and time.

In particular, the “Payments” tab lists form payments made by users. The “My Details” tab, however, displays the personal profile or account of the user.

Embedding the form to the MagicPopup extension

“Custom Links” #1, #2 and #3 incorporate other necessary tabs to the MagicPopup extension. In this case, we embed the “General-Purpose Registration Form” to the extension. On the whole, users can now navigate to the general-purpose registration form from whatever page they are on.

Display Slider Pop up Form extentions

Other forms are also embedded using the underlying custom links. Select “Link Type” as “Page” from the radio button.

From the drop-down select the form you want to display in the MagicPopup extension. Choose the visibility going by your requirements. Save the configuration from the bottom end of the screen.

MagicPopup as it would appear in the front-end

Go to “All Pages” and view any one of them. In this example, we use the page titled “Display Form”.

Interestingly, there are two more extensions added to the page at this moment. One of them placed in the bottom right corner is the “MagicPopup” or “Slider Popup” extension. The pop-up at the bottom left corner of the page fits to customize the “MagicPopup” extension.

Click on the “MagicPopup” button to view all its tabs. The general-purpose registration form is one of those tabs. Clicking on it takes you directly to the general-purpose form from the display form page.

To illustrate, shared below is a screenshot with the registration form as a part of the extension. Other custom links help you embed other forms accordingly.

In conclusion, this is how we display slider pop up form in WordPress. Moreover, achieve your goals of improved and easier navigation for your users without delay.

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