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Security Settings

Security Settings

Enable reCAPTCHA
Enabling reCAPTCHA will start showing Google reCAPTCHA under all your forms, including RegistrationMagic’s Login form. It will appear just above the submit button and ask users to verify that they are humans before submitting. Turning it on will be helpful to block spam bots, which automatically submit forms with bogus data.

Site Key and Secret Key
reCAPTCHA is a Google service and will not work on your site unless you paste site specific keys in these two boxes. The good part is that it is relatively easy to obtain the keys. Head over to:

…….register a new site and obtain keys.

Submission Limit for a Device
Another layer of defence against spams. This effectively limits number of submissions from a given IP address. By default the limit is set to 10, which means in a period of 24 hours, only 10 submissions will be accepted from a device. Note that this setting applies on per-form basis i.e. each form can be submitted 10 times.

If user tries to access the form beyond the specified limit, following error message is shown: “Submission limit reached for this form, please try back after 24 hours. ”

Tip: To disable this limit altogether, set it to zero.

Enable Custom Password Restrictions
By default, RegistrationMagic enforces user passwords to be at least 7 character long. You can customize the password restrictions by just enabling the password rules
(you can enable multiple rules). User will be shown corresponding error message(s) if restrictions are not matched.

Banned IP Addresses from Accessing Form
RegistrationMagic allows you to blacklist certain IP addresses from accessing the form altogether. User will be shown “Access Denied” error message in place of the form. To input multiple IP addresses simply input each address in one line or separate them by a blank space.
You can use wildcard character (?) to specify a range of the IP addresses. For example, 127.233.12?.01? will ban all IPs from to

Note that wildcard character is supported only for IPv4 addresses.

Banned Email Addresses from Submitting Form
RegistrationMagic allows you to blacklist certain email addresses. If any user tries to submit using a blacklisted email address, the submission will be rejected and user will be presented with a denial message.. To enter multiple email addresses, simply input each address per line or separate them by a blank space.
You can use wildcard characters (? and *) for advanced usage such as blocking a whole domain. For example, joh* will ban all submissions done using gmail domain and that have ID prefix as ‘joh’.

Reserved/Blacklisted User Names
Usernames specified in this list can not be used by user during registration.