How to Get More User Data Using Form Analytics

Analytics is everywhere. Whether you are running a large company or a humble convenience store around the corner. The more you know about your customers, the better decisions you can make for further growth of your organization. Having effective analysis of data has become the deciding factor in making or breaking companies. Obscure companies have blossomed into grand ones keeping their focus on what customers value most. While formerly large corporations have come crashing down as they couldn’t grasp how customer needs changed over time.

You might think how this would concern you as a WordPress site admin. Well, do you know what is the failure rate of your contact form? Do you know which browsers people prefer to access your contact form? If you are struggling to find accurate answers to these questions, then you definitely need to read further.

The most common way potential customers approach us these days is through a contact form on our websites. So, let us discuss today how we can make use of Analytics to increase the effectiveness of our web forms. Of all the web form systems available for WordPress (the most common platform for websites worldwide), it is only RegistrationMagic that offers the kind of Analytics which is most useful to us. RegistrationMagic does this by offering you an entire screen fully dedicated to Form Analytics. In the remaining part of this article, I’ll be breaking down each section of RegistrationMagic’s Form Analytics screen to help you better understand it. So let us begin…

Form Submissions Table

Form Analytics Screenshot (1)

This is the top most stats section on the Form Analytics screen. It provides you a tabular overview of all form visits and submissions in one place. The section only shows 10 latest records on the first page, so you’ll have to make use of pagination at the bottom right to see older stats.

Submissions Over Time

Form Analytics Screenshot (2)

The second section on the Form Analytics screen is a frequency graph. Highly useful when you need to see visually the difference between how many users visited the form, in comparison to how many of them actually submitted it.
You can filter these statistics based on the results of last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. Just use the ‘Show data for’ filter on the top left.

Conversion % & Browsers Used

Conversion %’ is a pie chart based on the same data that ‘Submissions Over Time’ graph is based on, which is visits and submissions. This pie chart can be used in sync with the ‘Submissions Over Time’ frequency graph to better visualize user drop-out on your form. It also provides you the total number of users that visited the form.

Form Analytics Screenshot (3)

Browsers Used’ is also a pie chart and shows a visual representation of the various browsers used by form viewers. This stat can be exceptionally useful when figuring out how to optimize your form for certain browsers. You can target those browsers first which are most used by your form visitors.

Failure Rate & Average Filling Time

Failure Rate’ is the percentage of users who visited your form but were not able to fill it out or submit it.

Form Analytics Screenshot (4)

Average Filling Time’ is, as the name says, the average time it takes a user to fill out your form and submit it. You can use this stat to find out where on the form users take most time and make the process simpler for them.

Browser Wise Conversion

Form Analytics Screenshots (5)

Browser Wise Conversion’ is a bar chart depicting total form visits and submissions, but divided by the browser used. This stat can be used in sync with the ‘Browsers Used’ stat to identify which browsers your form should ideally be optimized for.

More Form Analytics = More Opportunities

This is just the beginning. With all this useful Analytics in your hands, I am sure you can find numerous ways to attract users to your web forms and keep them engaged throughout the submission process.

In addition to Form Analytics, RegistrationMagic also offers User Registration Stats and Field Analytics. I recommend that you check out our overview for these two Analytics as well.

For more on RegistrationMagic, please stay tuned to our Blog.

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