Manage & Export WordPress Registration Forms Data

How to manage and export WordPress registration forms data?

Introduction: Manage and Export WordPress Registration Forms Data

Let’s get started on another WordPress registration system tutorial. We will focus on how to manage and export WordPress registration forms data and database. Call them submissions, entries, records or simply form data; every piece of information submitted through forms on your WordPress sites is vital for your business or blog. More disorganized this information, more difficult it will be to make sense of your forms. Good old email notifications simply don’t cut it these days. You may miss a mail, or your server may not shoot the notification message (believe me, that happens) or worst you lose access to your inbox. Therefore, for any plugin that purports form building credentials, it must pay equal importance to the data that its forms collect over time. It should not only be organized but also able to provide meaningful insights into how forms are working.

Manage and export WordPress registration forms data is in the very DNA of RegistrationMagic. Its multiple parts work as a whole to filter and present the information users send out to us. We call every entry a Submission. Therefore, the first and foremost area of RegistrationMagic, after the Forms Manager is the Submission Manager. Before we take a look at the Submission Manager, lets fill out a form to make sure we have at least one submission when we go there.

Sample From and Data

Here’s a simple form we built on our site:


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 1



Have a good look at the 4 fields we have on our form. Let’s quickly fill them out and then visit Submission Manager inside the dashboard.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 2


It is important to learn reading this page.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 3


We see that submissions are recorded as a table with each field forming a column header and the subsequent submissions displaying the user entered information below. By default first 4 fields will form the columns in Submission Manager. Any more fields will make the whole table cramped, so they won’t appear here. On right side, last column shows View button. That’s how we enter the page where complete information about the corresponding submission record is accessible.

Before we do that, let’s check out the filter.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 4

Filters sidebar allows us to quickly filter the submission records for analysis. Since we have only single submission right now, there does not appears to be a need for filtering. How about when we have few hundred! Or thousand!!

We use RegistrationMagic to manage registrations on our own site and here’s how the Submission Manager looks like on a regular day:


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 5


Personal information has been blurred for privacy. In such cases filters come in handy if we want to quickly check submission records for today, this week, month or year. We can also check records between a specific date range.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 6


Batch operations are also supported. See the checkboxes in the first column? You can select multiple records and then delete them.

Match Fields and Entry ID

Match Field allows us to find submission records with matching field data. A good example would be finding students from same grade on an enrollment form data. Or if we are searching for a user with specific first name.

When we click on any of the records, a new page displays all the record attributes neatly.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 7


On top, Entry ID is unique number associated with each submission, while Entry Type tells us if the filled form is a simple contact form or configured for accepting WordPress registrations. We can also download the individual submission as PDF using the Print button above. The PDF will also show business logo if we have configured it in Global Settings. Handy if you want to print submission forms with your own branding.

Multiple notes can be added to each submission for internal purposes. Colors can be assigned to these notes during creation.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 8



Here’s a nice little note stacked right below the submission record.


Export WordPress Registration Forms Data - 9


Notes can be edited later.

Export Function

A word about the Export button on the Submission Manager page. It allows downloading submission records as a single CSV file. Many external programs support CSV standard for importing data. Direct connections to MailChimp and Aweber are supported out of the box, so no need to go through an extra step if you are using one of them.

This is just the beginning of things that we can do with submission records inside RegistrationMagic plugin. We shall discuss more features in upcoming posts. Hope you can manage and export WordPress registration forms data in a better way now. Have a great day!


  1. Grace Chieso

    I am using registration magic on my website but the form export as .xml file instead of csv, how do i resolve?

    Thank you

    1. rmagic

      Please open a support ticket so we can help you. Thanks!

  2. Imdemotest

    How can i check database entry of my registered user?

  3. Kay Schmidt

    Please provide examples how the exported data looks. The CSV report we get Using WordPress, WooCommerce, and EventTickets is almost useless. Our event has several tickets, and the data for one person is fragmented on multiple rows. Difficult to explain.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The submissions can be exported from RegistrationMagic > inbox > export all. We can provide you example as to how it looks but will need you to raise a ticket for our support team, since comments section doesn’t allow sharing of the files.

  4. Tibor

    I have to export users data from Premium version. The export function exports the activities, not the whole user database. How can I export the users database? Not the activities, but the data fields for all users?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can export the submissions from RegistrationMagic > Inbox > Export All.

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