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This page features everything that RegistrationMagic offers. Click the tabs on left to browse through different sub-sections for details. It is available in Standard (Free) and Premium plans.

Main Sections



Forms Manager is a single place to manage all your registration forms. You can create as many forms you like for different scenarios and track them individually.

  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Innovative Form 'Cards View' with at-the-glance information
  • Quick form creator
  • Built in Login system
  • Submission counter on form card
  • Default form selector
  • Short-code system for forms
  • Submissions Dashboard Widget
  • Submissions under User profiles
  • Sort form cards alphabetically or chronologically
  • Duplicate forms

embed-codeHTML Embed code for inserting forms into areas where shortcode is not supported. This also helps you publish forms on other sites.


  • All common field types supported
  • Drag and Drop Field Sorting
  • Custom label for every field type
  • Custom Icon from over 900 Google Icons.
  • Define Icon color, background color, background-shape and transparency.
  • Custom CSS class
  • HelpText as tooltip
  • Placeholder text, length for supporting field types.
  • Define field as required.
  • Show field on user page inside RegistrationMagic UserManager
  • Duplicate fields with a single click



  • 56 special types of custom fields
  • WP User Profile Fields
  • Multipage form system

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  • Submissions Manager with table of all submissions recorded chronologically
  • Search fields inside the submissions
  • View Individual Submissions
  • Define note visibility to the user and its color
  • Frontend User Submissions Area
  • Users can download their submissions as PDF


  • Export submissions as CSV.
  • Filter Submissions based on day, week, month, year or date range.
  • Add note to submissions and send to the user.
  • Download individual submissions as PDF.

Check out more premium features

  • A table with visitor IP visiting time, submission status, submission time and filling time information
  • Track Geolocation of the visitor
  • Piechart of conversion percentage of the visitors
  • Piechart of the browsers used by the visitor
  • Failure rate in percentage
  • Average filling time in seconds
  • Browser-wise conversion rate

  • Piecharts divided by options chosen by the users on checkbox, radio box, drop down and country fields.
Check out more Premium features!

  • A separate manager to create and manage products for forms

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Fixed, Multi-Select, DropDown and User Defined price options
  • Custom labels for sub-pricing options

Compare Premium Bundles

Exclusive to Premium Bundles


  • A single place to view and download all files received with forms
  • Download individual files or all files as zip
  • View Thumbnails of image type files

Compare Premium Bundles

  • Broadcast email message to all users who have submitted a specific form.
  • Use Mail merge to send personalized messages
  • See queues in progress sending messages
  • Quickly view number of recipients for each form

  • User Manager with tabular view of registered users or those who filled out the form
  • Filter Users registered on this day, week month and year.
  • Filter Users based on their status.
  • Activate or deactivate multiple users
  • Add new or edit existing user
  • View Custom Fields filled by user on user page
  • See submissions by individual users
  • See transactions by individual users

  • Create and name custom user roles
  • Inherit permissions from WP User roles
Global Settings

Global Settings


  • 2 Form Styles with 3 layout options
  • Allow multiple attachments to form
  • Show form expiry countdown above the form
  • Define and replace default WP registration page
  • Set redirection after user logs in
  • Display RegistrationMagic Button, Popup Menu and Sliding Panels
  • Define accent color of RegistrationMagic Button, Popup Menu and Sliding Panels

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Ability to define accepted attachment extensions
  • Submission Form PDF and print header logo
  • Custom Text on Submissions PDF and print

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  • Google reCaptcha Support
  • Form Submission Limit on a device

Exclusive to Premium Bundle

  • Custom Password restriction
  • Banned IP Addresses from accessing form
  • Banned Email Addresses from Accessing form
  • Blacklisted and Reserver Usernames

Compare Silver and Gold Bundles


  • Auto Generate Password
  • Send Username and password to user by email

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • WP Registration Manual Approval

Compare Premium Bundles

  • Set recipients list
  • SMTP Relay option
  • From Name and Email

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Send notification to the user for front-end notes.

Compare Silver and Gold Bundles

  • Allow users to login using Facebook Account
  • Integrate with MailChimp

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Integrate with Google Maps API key.

Compare Premium Bundles

  • PayPal Integration
  • PayPal custom checkout page
  • Current definition
  • Currency position

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Stripe Integration
  • Offline Payments

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Form Settings

Form Configuration


  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image and padding for the Form
  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image and padding for the Input fields
  • Define border, border-width, border-color, border-radius, background-color, background Image padding, font color and label for the Submit Button

  • Create WP User with each submission
  • Automatically login after submission

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Bound the form to a user role.
  • Allow the user to select from predefined roles.

  • Custom Success Message with Mail Merge
  • Redirect after submissions to a page or URL.
  • Autoresponder with Custom Email Subject and Body with mail merge fails.

Exclusive to Premium Bundles

  • Submit Submission data to an external URL
  • Show unique token number with each submissions

  • Limit the form submissions based on number, date or both.
  • Define the number of submissions allowed
  • Set a deadline for form submission
  • Custom message to the user after submission is complete.

Exclusive to Premium Bundle

Access control

  • Enable date based access. Define age or specific time between dates.
  • Passphrase based access. Define secret question and passphrase.
  • User Role based Access. Define roles that will have access to the form.
  • Custom Denial Message.

  • Select a list to Map
  • Map MailChimp Email, First Name and Last Name fields to your form fields
  • Show an opt-in box
Exclusive to Premium Bundle
  • Map MailChimp advanced custom fields with your form fields
Exclusive to Premium Bundle
  • Integrate with your Aweber Account
Exclusive to Premium Bundle
  • Integrate with your Constant Contact account
Front End

Front End

  • Dedicated area for front end users to check their account information with Gravatar image and Admin specified fields

  • Table view of all form submissions by the user
  • User can download individual submissions as PDF
  • User can browse individual submissions
  • User can view admin created notes attached to individual submissions
  • Table view of all transactions for paid submission form
  • Integration with payment processor to display payment status of each transaction, with transaction ID, date and amount
  • Floating button with slide-up menu combining all registration option in one place
  • Slide-out panels with dedicated views of submissions, transactions and user details
  • Ability to show default form inside the slide-out panel for quick registrations
Ready for the upgrade?
Upgrade to Premium
  • License: 1 Site
  • Lifetime Validity
  • 1 Year of Updates and Support
  • 44 Extensions

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