Setup Early Bird Registration for an Event on WordPress Site, with Ease!

This brief tutorial will go through the steps on setting up early bird registration with RegistrationMagic plugin (available for free on WordPress.Org)

RegistrationMagic functionality that we will use:
  • Create unlimited registration forms.
  • Accept payments. Integrate payments with registration forms, and set different pricing for each registration form. Note that RegistrationMagic’s version on WordPress.Org comes with free Paypal integration; if you require other payment gateways, check out RegistrationMagic Premium version.
  • Set-up expiry date for each registration form.
Using above functionality, let’s implement early bird registration:
  1. Create two RegistrationMagic forms, one for early bird registrations and another one for regular registrations.
  2. Set early bird pricing and regular pricing for each form as per your requirement.
  3. Then, set the early bird registration form to expire on certain date (the date till you want to accept the early bird registrations).
  4. Regular registration form can start taking registrations once early bird registration form expires.

Hope this will solve your early bird registration problem. As a bonus, RegistrationMagic’s form and field analytics will help in your process to optimize your early bird registrations.

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