How to Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress form

With so many form builders available for WordPress these days, it isn’t difficult to create a customized form of your own. But what if you require a user registration form where users have to agree to your organization’s “Terms and Conditions” before signing up? Would you create a huge text field followed by a checkbox field? Of course not. That’ll be just too much time spent on a single field of your form. However, with RegistrationMagic’s pre-built form fields, you can now easily add terms and conditions checkbox to WordPress form.

The RegistrationMagic plugin provides plenty of pre-built form fields to add to your forms. One of which is the “Terms and Conditions” field. This field adds a text and a checkbox by itself and makes the field mandatory. Users cannot submit a form containing this field without accepting the “Terms and Conditions” mentioned in it.

Let us now proceed ahead and see how we can add terms and conditions checkbox to WordPress form using RegistrationMagic.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress Form

Visit the “All Forms” screen from RegistrationMagic menu in your WordPress dashboard. Locate the form on which you want to add the “Terms and Conditions” field. In this example, I am going to use the General Purpose Registration form template.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress form

Move your cursor over the form and you’ll see the “Fields” link appear on it at the bottom. Click on this link. The link will lead you to the “Field Manager” screen for this form. From here you can add/remove any field you want.

Next, click on the “Add Field” link, which is below the “Field Manager” heading.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress field manager

A popup will appear after clicking on that link. This popup shows all the field types that you can add to your RegistrationMagic form. Find the “T&C Checkbox” field in this list and click on it. It should be under the “Special Fields” section. This is the field that we’ll use to add “Terms and Conditions” to the form.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress add terms

Configuring the Terms and Conditions Field

After clicking on the field link, you’ll arrive at the field’s customization page.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress configure

Set the “Label” of the field to any text you want. Set the “Checkbox Label” to the text you want to appear on the checkbox. Usually this is “I Accept”, but you can change if you like. Next, add the “Terms & Conditions” text which will display as the actual text that users will have to agree to.

Then there are non-essential elements that you can add to the field, such as the “Hover Text”. This text will appear on the “Terms and Conditions” field when a user hovers cursor over it, like a tooltip. You can also set an icon for the field from the “Icon Settings”. More settings for this field can be configured from the “Advanced Settings” section.

Finally, to embed this field onto your form, just click on the “Add to Form” button. To see a preview of the form with the new field added, click the “Preview” link. If you are pleased with the preview, you can publish the form to the page of your choice, using the form’s shortcode.

Below is a screenshot displaying how the “Terms and Conditions” checkbox is appearing on my registration form.

Add Terms and Conditions Checkbox to WordPress result

Agreeing to “Terms and Conditions” is a necessary feature on user registration forms for many organizations. This is because you just cannot have anyone register on your site without agreeing to the conditions laid out for your entire organization. And with RegistrationMagic, it has never been easier adding “Terms and Conditions” to WordPress user registration forms.

This completes our tutorial on how to add terms and conditions checkbox to WordPress form.

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  1. AAS

    Could’nt find any other link to get in touch or submit an idea / feature request, so please bare with me using this comment box.
    Im currently setting up a non profit organization website on wordpress.

    While looking for a user account creation plugin that smoothly integrates with wordpress and the CRM (CivicRM) that im using, i could only make a restricted list (2) of suitable candidates.

    Among those, one seems to be the default-go-to as it shows a more active maintenance.
    However, the integration support for CivicRM is via an independent developer who made an extension that connects with their plugin to provide the needed integration. In other words the integration with CivicRM is not native.

    Unlike your plugin the free version of their plugin do not include user account creation (registration, login, password reset…), and the addon for these features cost ~~$65 /year.

    As a novice to development, i can’t asses the feasibility nor the difficulty level of creating such an integration with CivicRM, but, with my temporarily self bestowed divination powers (realm of magic..), im letting you in on the secret of the great future of CivicRM :))

    Your premium plugin has very interesting features (2 factor, ip ban…) seen nowhere, at least not in any CivicRM aware plugin, and if it can natively integrate with the latter, there will be no reason to look elsewhere.

    Thank you for reading me and for your reply.


    1. rmagic

      Thank you for your comments. You can open the support ticket here and we can take this discussion further to help you out.

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