Automation Based on WordPress Form Payment Gateway

WordPress form Payment Gateway Types

Payments processors are gateways for executing monetary transactions. Consequently, online payments are possible through these secure gateways. Your credit or debit card details are integrated with these payment processors. At the same time, it helps in faster and flawless transactions.

Multiple payment gateways included in this rule make transactions simple specifically for diverse crowds. The automation rule, therefore, runs on those submissions made through the selected payment processor.

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Navigating to Automate Payment Processor rule

Navigate to “Automation” under the RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway Form

Drill in to run an automation task. From the drop-down select the form where the automation rule is applied. This form can be anyone of your choice.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway form manager

Assign a unique name to the task. The task name assigned in this case is “New Task“.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway new task

The description section is optional. In fact, you can go ahead and fill it for your convenience. In this example, the focus is to automate actions on WordPress form payment processor type.

Configuring WordPress form Payment Processor Type

Go to the next page and check the “Payment Processor Rule” checkbox. This rule is applied to those form submissions made using the selected payment gateway at checkout.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway options

The different payment processors present here are:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Offline
  • WePay

You can relish the liberty of selecting multiple payment processors. All these payment processors eventually are the most conventional ones. Monetary transactions made through these gateways are swift and safe.

The automation task runs specifically on those submissions whose payment is processed through one of these gateways. For example, selecting PayPal automates only those submissions with payments made through PayPal. The same rule applies to the rest of the payment processors as well.

To summarize. it cuts down lengthy manual steps of segregating forms according to their payment type.

Setting Automation Output

Click “Save” to go to the next page.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway account actions

According to earlier settings select the action to be taken on the user account. In fact, you can delete, activate or deactivate any user account.

Users paying through selected gateways might be active or inactive. This completely depends upon the admin. In addition, you can also send emails notifying users of the account status.

Save the automation task settings. Go back to the Automation page. Run the task you created simultaneously.

Automate WordPress form Payment Gateway run task

Finally, this completes automating actions on WordPress form Payment Processor Type.


  1. jhemar

    Hi, so just to be clear. I am able to create a form and at the end accept a payment specified to what the user selected throughout the form?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi jhemar,

      With Automation, you can execute some actions on user accounts based on a selection criteria. For accepting payments, just add product fields to your form and user will be asked to pay when submitting the form.

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