How to Access Registration Form Options from Form’s List?


This article will explore how to access registration form options from the forms list. The main objective of these options is to allow admins better registration form management.

How to Access Registration Form Options from Form’s List?

After logging in, navigate to the All Forms section from the plugin menu.

All Forms Section of the RegistrationMagic

Click on the Dashboard attribute under the registration form.

Dashboard attribute under the Registration Form

You will land on the form options page.

The Build section primarily focuses on the field manager and form design, extensively covered in previous articles.

Build Section

Next, the Configure section enables users to handle submissions, set limits, and utilize features such as autoresponders for emails, and providing control over form functionality and management.

Configure Section

In the Integrate section, you can connect your registration form with external platforms such as MailChimp, Aweber, Dropbox, MailPoet, and others.

Integrate Section

In the Publish section, you may leverage from shortcodes or HTML code for direct frontend usage. Additionally, discover user-related services (for example, user directory and user area), consolidating all user management functionalities within this section.

Publish Section

The Manage section allows for efficient handling of your inbox and outbox tasks, including attachments. Next, delve into detailed form and field analytics in the Analyze section. And, streamline processes by utilizing auto-responder, bulk email features, or crafting custom automated tasks in the Automate section.

Manage, Analyze, and Automate Sections

So you can navigate through various sections such as Build, Configure, Integrate, Publish, etc., to tailor your forms according to specific requirements.

The powerful tools at your disposal will allow you to optimize your forms for better functionality, user engagement, and overall effectiveness.

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