A Complete Guide on Bulk Emails [Expert Tips]

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Capture good quality leads with bulk emails!

If you are looking for ways in which bulk emails can help you increase your sales and lead generation process then these tips can help you.

In this article, we will guide you through the entire process of bulk emails. In addition to that, we will talk about a few unrevealed strategies used by top marketing experts for mass mailing.

Here are a few facts and figures that can help you understand the importance of Bluk emails:

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What are bulk emails?

Email marketing is one of the most effective and widely used marketing strategies by marketers across the globe.

And bulk emails or mass mailing is a part of email marketing. In bulk emails, you send the same mail to thousands of recipients at once.

What are the types of bulk emails?

Bulk emails are generally sent by brands to create awareness, give offers, or send important information related to the brand. Typically, these bulk mails can be:

  • Newsletters: Newsletters are a way of keeping your users in the loop. You can inform them about what’s happening in the brand through your email newsletters. Nowadays, it is widely popular among membership websites.
  • Promotional emails: Promotional emails are great for creating brand awareness, attracting customers through coupons, deals, offers, and advertisements. 
  • Acquisition emails: Acquisition emails are a way of capturing leads and converting prospects. They are more specific to the target audience.
  • Retention emails: Retention mass mails help you retain your existing client base. You can encourage them to keep purchasing or thank them for being loyal customers. 

What is the best bulk email service?

Most of the basic emailing systems we use do not allow bulk mailing, especially if the recipient list is above 1000. And even if some do, it can be quite hectic to upload each email ID manually. 

This is where bulk email services come into the picture. These bulk mailing services not only allow you to send a single email to thousands of people at the same time but also allows you to upload an entire list of recipients at once. 

Is sending bulk emails illegal?

Bulk emails are common for unsolicited spam. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, in the United States, protects email users and requires commercial email senders to comply with a set of rules set by the act. 

Similarly, Canada has CASL and every country has its own law against anti-spam. So, technically it is not illegal to send bulk emails if your emails are in compliance with the rules.

How to send bulk emails for free?

You can use various bulk email services available online to send free bulk emails. MailChimp is one of the most famous and used bulk mailing services. It allows you to send 2000 emails for free in a month. 

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And if you want to send bulk emails through your website to your registered users and are looking for a WordPress plugin, you can try RegistrationMagic

Every bulk email service has a certain limit to send free bulk mails. However, you can try SendPlus. They have a simple process of registering, creating a campaign, selecting a mail template, and sending free bulk mails. Also, if you want to send bulk emails through your website check out this guide.

Benefits of bulk emailing

Anyone with an email Id probably knows how popular bulk emailing is nowadays. According to a stat, 89% of marketers use emails for lead generation. And email marketing is one of the high-yielding strategies of marketers. 

However, before you start with bulk emailing, know-how bulk mails can be beneficial to your business:

Huge Reach and Cost-Effective

Mass mailing is an exceptionally inexpensive way of reaching a wide variety of audiences personally. This is one of the greatest advantages of bulk mailing.

It allows you to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Moreover, it is extremely cost-effective compared to the ROI you yield. 

Direct Access

Bulk emails give you direct access to your customer. You can tap your prospects and existing customers instantly on their personal emails. This is one of the best ways to market your brand. Moreover, it creates awareness about your brand among the possible leads.

Real-time mails

You can send bulk emails in real-time to your audience at once. Real-time mailing comes in handy when you are giving a limited offer or declaring something important.

For example, the store will be closed for 24 hrs, or the deal expires in 55mins. Real-time mailing helps you establish the time limit for everyone at once. 

Effectiveness of mails

You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through insights. While sending bulk mails, tracking the conversion rates and click-through rates help you understand and identify your audience behavior better.

You can understand what works for your audience and can strategize your campaigns, products, or services accordingly. 

Generating high-quality leads

A great way of generating high-quality leads is through email marketing. With emails, you know that your leads are not spam or irrelevant.

Emails increase the chances of conversion as well. Being sent to verified emails eliminates the chances of any spam and the leads that you end up with are exceptionally high-quality.

Retain existing customer

Another great advantage of mass mailing is that it helps you retain your existing customers. You send them regular newsletters to keep them updated about your brand activities.

You can send them ‘thank you mails’ for being a loyal customer. In addition to that, you can send them personalized offers and deals. All these lead to a better customer experience and hence help you retain your existing customers.

Brand connection

Emails make your customers or prospects feel more connected to your brand. It is a personal communication platform that allows your customers and prospects to feel more connected, assured, and trustworthy towards your band. 

Challenges faced by bulk email senders

One of the biggest challenges faced by bulk email senders is getting blacklisted. Email marketing has been so overused and exploited by spammers that it has affected the credibility of bulk email senders.

This leads to either low click-through rates or email blacklisting. Let’s explore these two challenges a bit closely:

Email blacklisting

Why email gets blacklisted is pretty clear from the above statement. But how can you fall into the trap? Well, most of the brands utilizing email marketing do not understand the cruciality of email content and end up sending a message that is either not clear to the audience or not relevant. This decreases the credibility of your mail even more. 

Low click-through rates

Another problem is that most of your recipients end up NOT clicking on your email. Mostly, the subject line is to be blamed. The subject line is highly important for your recipient to decide whether they want to open the email or not. One big mistake that bulk email senders make is that they do not personalize or customize the subject line. 

Now that we know the challenges faced by bulk email senders, let’s jump to the solution to these challenges. 

How to overcome the challenges faced by bulk email senders?

Here are a few tips on overcoming the challenges:

How to Send Bulk Emails Without Getting Blacklisted?

To avoid blacklisting and send bulk emails you need to follow the below-given points:

  • You will not receive a notification when your email gets blocked. Keep a check on the blacklist status. There are various bulk email verifiers that you can use to do so.
  • Sending unwanted bulk emails might tick off your recipients and you would probably end up being blacklisted. Make sure to check your list thoroughly. Only send emails to those who have opted in. 
  • Never send attachments in bulk mails. Attachment raises a red flag and the recipients might block the sender. Rather insert hyperlinks in them.
  • Keep updating your recipient list.
  • Never send emails to inactive users constantly. 
  • Make sure to authenticate your email id before sending a bulk email.  

How to Improve Your Email Click-Through Rates

Tips to increase the click-throughs:

  • Authenticate the email Ids before sending any emails.
  • Subject line personalization. The crucial part of an email campaign as it decides whether the user will open the mail or no.
  • Optimize emails for viewing on different devices like a phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Don’t be assertive.
  • Include fewer but potent CTAs in your email. Less marketing is more when it comes to emails.
  • Curate visually appealing emails. Include media items like images, infographics, videos, or slideshows.

WordPress Tool for Bulk Email

RegistrationMagic is an amazing WordPress registration form plugin that helps you create various type of forms on your WordPress website.

This WordPress form plugin can be a great tool for email marketing or sending bulk emails on WordPress. It helps you collect crucial user data through the forms. You can also send bulk emails to all the registered users on your website with this tool.

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In addition to that, the plugin allows you to track all the bulk emails sent to the users. There is also a feature to automate bulk emails. For example, you can automate a bulk email for all the users who have a pending payment, activated user accounts or deactivated user accounts, payment completed, or payment canceled, etc.

It offers integration with various email plugins such as MailChimp, Newsletter, and Aweber.

With the help of the integration, the data is fetched from all the RegitrationMagic forms and is sent directly to the respective plugin like MailChimp or Aweber for example. Further, using that data you can run your campaigns directly from these bulk email plugins.

How to use RegistrationMagic Bulk Emails?

To use the bulk email feature, download and install the plugin from the button below.

Try RegistrationMagic!

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed on your WordPress Dashboard, follow the below-given steps to create bulk emails:

Step1: Go to the RegistrationMagic menu on your left menu bar and click on Bulk Email.

bulk emails

Step2: Now you need to select the Recipients Form. Any user who has submitted this form will receive this email.

bulk emails

Step3: Next, add a subject line.

bulk email

Step4: You can also add media files and fields to your email.

bulk email

Step5: Next, add a body to your email and customize it. Once done, send the email.

bulk email

Step6: RegistrationMagic does not send the bulk email to more than 20 users at a time to avoid spamming. If you have more than 20 recipients, it will divide them into batches. (Each batch containing up to 20 recipients.) Once the 1st batch is cleared, it will send the second batch. You can check the batches that are in the queue from the ‘Active Queues‘ option.

bulk email

Step7: Additionally, you can check the sent emails from the ‘Sent Email’ option.

bulk emails

Step8: There is also a filter option that will help you filter the emails for a specific mail.

bulk emails

Closing Note

This article includes almost every piece of information required to create bulk email campaigns right from WordPress without using any extra set of plugins. 

RegistrationMagic is a simple solution for creating and sending bulk emails in addition to creating User Registrations and other types of forms. You can send unlimited bulk emails using this tool.

Read about all the other features of this plugin here.

If you have any other queries or comments related to mass mailing, please feel free to comment below and our experts will reach out to you!

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