Add Product

Add Product

Create a Product with RegistrationMagic to display it on a form and take payments from users purchasing the product with form submission. Following settings are available for creating a Product…

Product Pricing Type

Select the pricing type of the new product that you want to create. Pricing type can be chosen between the following four formats…

  1. Fixed Price: This will set a fixed price for the product that you create.
  2. Multi-Select: This allows users to pick multiple products with their own individual pricing. Overall product price will be calculated as the cumulative amount of the selection of individual products.
  3. Dropdown: This allows users to pick a single product from a list of multiple products with individual pricing. Unlike Multi-Select, only one product can be selected from the list.
  4. User Defined: This allows users to enter their own price for the product while submitting the form. Ideally, this option is useful for accepting donations, or any other similar activity.


Set the Name of the product from this field. Please note that the product name will not be visible when adding product in a form. If you wish to show the product name on the form, make sure that while adding this product to a form, you enter same field label as the product name.


Set the price of the product from this field. If the Pricing Type is Fixed Price, then this field will be a number field which will accept only positive numbers (decimal points included). Value of this field should always be greater than 0.

If the Pricing Type is Multi-Select, then this field will include Label and Price fields which can be repeated as many time as required. Each Label and Price field can have its own product label and price. If the Pricing Type is Dropdown, then also the field will have repeatable Label and Price fields.

If the Pricing Type is User Defined, then this field will not be available at all.

Display Price

Disable this option if you do not want to display the Fixed Price product field on the form. Users will then be directly taken to checkout on submission of the form, with one single Fixed Price product as part of their form submission. If left enabled, the Fixed Price product and its Quantity (if also enabled) will display on the form.

This option is only available when Pricing Type is selected as Fixed Price.

Allow Users to Specify Quantity

Enabling this option will add a quantity box to the product, allowing users to purchase more than one items.
If the Pricing Type is Multi-Select, then enabling this option will add quantity selection to each of the products added via the Add Product field on the form.

This section is part of Complete Registration Form Payments Guide, available here: Payments Guide: Setup payments on Registration form using Products