How to create a User Registration Form on WordPress

We are at an age where businesses local or global, function in a highly competitive landscape. A user registration form for your brand’s website helps you further in directing strategies and ensuring your victory.

Spending a hefty sum on marketing campaigns with every passing day is not cost-effective. It may work out in the favor of a lot of organizations but does that make it mandatory?

Of course not. Especially not when we’re rolling down a digitally smart environment. How does that add up? It’s because of the sharp ways it provides for cost-effective content marketing.

Content indeed is the ruler of every marketing piece. One such way of channelizing a cost-effective content marketing strategy is through customization of content. A newsletter or personalized notifications and ads help channelize this tactic in the best possible way.

A strong marketing strategy is very essential in building your brand’s image. It is what reflects your principles, visions, and future endeavors.

Creating compelling content sure is essential but how and when you present them to your crowd is even more important. A few such ways of getting the focus and attention of your potential customers are through forwarding engaging notifications, text messages, newsletters, etc.

Where exactly do you get the data to bring this idea to reality? Through a new user registration form

This ensures you create a possibly loyal consumer base. Since they signed up for the user registration process, that offers you an edge over a lot of other aspects. We’ll talk more about these in later segments of this article.

Prior to that let’s discuss the core tool for getting all of this signup information, a WordPress user registration form.


What is a user registration form and how’s it significant?

Notifications, text ads, and newsletters are very common yet effective forms of content marketing. The personalized information sent through these mediums is collected through a user registration form.

This form usually appears as a pop-up on brand websites for potential customers to fill their information in. Alternatively, this form might also appear as a separate drop-down on the website’s main menu.

This information usually is limited to the website visitor’s basic personal details. In addition, it can collect their details on subjects that may be specific to the business. Although this is a rare occurrence.

A new user login registration form opens doors for businesses to explore a whole new side of personalized catering, be it general or niche. Brands are able to connect on a personal level with their customers through customized ads.

This isn’t just beneficial in marketing terms but also for customer relations. Over time, this personalized marketing strategy helps build a loyal consumer base keeping the quality of the content intact.

Aside from broadening the audience, a user registration form also helps immensely in lead generation. As a matter of fact, that’s what ultimately helps bring sales conversions.

When executed properly, if executed properly, the user registration process as a marketing medium and the community built through a WordPress user registration form can help the firm build something stable and irrepressible. That also builds the client’s trust and interest in your business.

If you’re looking forward to growing your business through lead and content marketing but aren’t sure where to begin, this is your takeaway!


What advantages does a user registration form offer?

The benefits of any lead marketing strategy don’t extend to a single party. A user registration form is no exception. These strategies by nature, offer two-way advantages, both of which, we’ll discuss now.

The lead side

Some of the obvious benefits derived from the customer’s end are:

  • Regular updates of the new launches

What could be better than customers receiving constant updates of new arrivals from their favourite store? After all, we don’t simply register for every other website, do we? We must share some interest in the business’s offerings.

Among all, email newsletter notifications are some of the best in the business because they provide media attachment options along with the text. This adds all the more charm and credibility to the new launch notifications.

In addition, the text messages and regular notifications act as a reminder for the customers. All this lead data is collected easily with user login forms on websites.

  • Discounts and offers

Aside from checking out what’s new on the shelf, one would also be interested in knowing about the special offers. A content marketing piece addressed by your name already offers some personal connection.

Additionally, when you get discounts, store credit, or other offers based on previous purchases, it feels like a custom offer made just for you. This is where business plays psychology. This is exactly the kind of personalization that data collected from user registration forms offer.

Once the details of the customer are filled in, businesses start sending relevant filtered content to them.

Additional advantages for registered subscribers:

  • A gentle reminder by brands to shop with them

Some of the notifications sent through the data collected are rather elaborate. With these, firms send a series of items lists and offer preferred by the customers. This is in fact, a gentle reminder by the brands to their customers to not forget them.

  • Information in-depth

WordPress plugins that allow businesses to integrate their user registration process with the mailing process for newsletters, open a whole new world for them.

If you have subscribed to a news newsletter or something on similar lines, you’re sure to get detailed newsletters. Additionally, a newsletter is very generous in terms of text quantity. Say, an organization is launching a new campaign, a mega-fest, or a big event.

The firm would obviously want every one of its customers to know about it. Know not just briefly but in depth. The company’s registered subscribers have the best chance of getting all these details with just that one email than all others.

The business side

  • Assists in making more customer connections

Almost all of a business’s existing and potential customers are likely to have email addresses and contact numbers. This has to do with the fact that texts and emails are one of the oldest forms of text communication. Making the best use of this information is a firm’s utmost responsibility to get good leads.

User registration forms, therefore, are some of the most competent methods for a business to enhance customer connections. This applies to both quantity and quality aspects of the subject.

  • Enhance business authority and credibility

Informative and well-structured personalized content offers customers various valuable insights. These insights and relevant details on the company’s products and services build trust within the customer. This in turn increases your venture’s authority and credibility over clients.

Forwarding such content to any potential customers is possible through the data of a user registration process.

Content marketing benefits for business

  • Content lead marketing offers brighter rewards at lower risk and cost

The new user login registration by an individual already shows a certain level of interest in your offerings as mentioned earlier. These subscribers are far more likely to be receptive to your content marketing efforts than general ones.

General ones include the leads generated from search engines or social media channels. Even after adding the low cost incurred in subscriber content marketing, you’ll still make a guaranteed 35-40% profit.

  • Content can be customized for powerful engagement

Lead marketing through user registration data is a highly customizable form of content marketing. Based on your client base’s behaviour and choices, you can easily tailor your text, notification, and newsletter content to always keep the engagement graph high.

One way to do this is to have a customizable new user login registration form that offers versatile options to its subscribers. Use business analytics data to figure out specific patterns and send content accordingly.

Additional benefits availed by the business include:

  • Enhance analytics of your business through WordPress user registration form

It’s easier to keep track of your marketing strategies since most content marketing platforms offer built-in analytics. This evaluation and tracking system helps your team add, customize and alter current strategies and content as per past results.

  • Long term marketing goals

Lead marketing strategies are the perfect marketing companions since their efficiency has stood the test of time. Investing in a lead marketing campaign is always a good idea in the long run.


How to create a new user login registration form for your WordPress website?

RegistrationMagic allows you to create hundreds of forms with unrestricted fields for your website. These forms may range from event registration to admission forms.

You are free to customize and alter the fields as per your requirements as many times as necessary. This is the best WordPress plugin for user registration and login.

Additionally, RegistrationMagic delivers numerous extra features for form creation. These include :

  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Form Card view with at-a-glance information of participants
  • Quick form creator
  • Built-in login system
  • Submission counter on form card
  • Default form selector
  • Shortcode system for forms
  • Submissions Dashboard Widget
  • Submissions under User profile
  • Sort form cards
  • Duplicate forms
  • Broadcast email messages to all users plus personalize messages
  • Quick view of recipients for each form
  • Customization of forms on various categories and many more.

Above all, this plugin provides you to integrate your registration form and user data to Mailchimp. This makes all the email marketing and newsletter ideas that we spoke of earlier easier to execute.

Another great plugin to have is ProfileGrid memberships. This essentially helps you to take registered user information to the next level. It’s a premium membership plugin that can create and manage profiles of your users.

Additionally, it can create communities for your upcoming and recurring events. It also helps users socialize within a group.

Try RegistrationMagic for Free.

  1. A website based on WordPress: Click here to start with WordPress.
  2. Free RegistrationMagic plugin: Download/ Install from here.
  3. Premium RegistrationMagic plugin (optional but preferred): For enabling more hyper-personalized advanced features.


Creating a user registration form through RegistrationMagic: Step-by-step guide

Fundamental steps for form creation:

Step 1: Adding a new form using RegistrationMagic.

  • Firstly, click on the RegistrationMagic plugin and click on “All Forms“.
  • Next, click on “New Form” for creating a new user registration form.

user registration form

Step 2: Adding a new name for the form.

  • In the window that says “Create New Form“, add a title for your form.
  • Since we’re creating a user registration form, that’s what we’ll name it.
  • We’re fashioning a very basic form here with no videos or images attached. This doesn’t mean you can’t do that. We’ll tell you how to do that in the coming steps.

User Registration Form

  • After that, from the ‘All forms page’, click on your new form’s ‘Fields’ section to proceed to add fields.

You’ll land on this page. This is the page from where you need to add all fields. This page is called the ‘Fields Manager’ page.

Steps for adding form fields

  • From the above image, you can refer to the ‘Fields Manager’ page for adding all form fields.
  • All the fields are to be added to the form from the ‘All fields’ section. You’ll find every single field you’ll require here.

  • For instance, text, radio buttons, checkboxes, video links, images, etc. all lie under this category.
  • Just to gander at the good, here’s a glimpse of all the vast range of categories under the ‘Fields’ section that you can use. We’re creating a basic and precise user registration form here. However, we won’t make use of all these fields.

registration magic form fields

registration magic form fields

  • Therefore, to understand all functionalities better, you can try adding fields and then deleting them as per your wish.

Step3: Adding fields to the form

Since the form we have in mind is a very basic and open one, we won’t make it extra refined. Therefore, we’ll add only a single sheet to the form. If need be, you can always create multipage forms easily through RegistrationMagic.

 Let’s start adding fields to our form:

Just go to the ‘All Fields’ section and start clicking on the fields you’d like to add to your form. We’ll first add all basic fields and label them before moving on to the others.

Once a field is labelled, scroll down and click on the ‘Add to form’ option to add it to the form.

Added Fields

  1. Email field is a default field in all RegistrationMagic forms. We can’t remove it from any form and is a mandatory field.
  2. The username field is for the registering person to choose a login account username for you.
  3. The password field obviously, is for the individual to set an account password for themselves.
  4. The first and last name fields are two different fields added to the form for the obvious reasons of getting the full name of the participant.
  5. We use the mobile number category to get the contact number of the person. You can customize this according to your reach specifications. This means you can add this field for international or local purposes.
  6. The terms and conditions checkbox is to get a confirmation from the user to agree to the website terms.

With that, we’ve added all necessary fields to our form. You can mark which fields are compulsory and which aren’t from the fields settings themselves.

Additionally, you can also change the visuals and aesthetics of your form as much as you want through RegistrationMagic.

Step4: Publishing the form

Copy the shortcode to a new page

Go back to the ‘All forms’ section. Copy the shortcode of the form

Now go to the ‘Pages’ section of the website backend. Click on ‘New page’

Add the actual title of your form in the ‘Title’ section and paste the shortcode in the ‘Main body’ of the page and click on ‘Publish’

With that, the entire form publishing process is complete. Although, if you wish to add this to the main menu of your website, you can go to the ‘Appearance’ option on the website backend options and add this form to the menu and save it.


Frontend view of our WordPress user registration form example

This is how your user registration form design will appear to the participants on your website frontend.


Final word

You can trust RegistrationMagic in doing the right job for you. All you have to do is add the fields and rest assured about the efficiency of your form.

Try RegistrationMagic for Free.

Furthermore, RegistrationMagic is a plugin that blends with the theme of your website without any extra customization.

Similarly, ProfileGrid is the premium plugin that will not only manage the user profiles but also manage membership.

EventPrime is a single plugin that can manage all your events upcoming and recurring in one place. You can take registrations, get live seats, passes, and tickets bookings all at once from this plugin.

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