Setup payments on Registration form using Products [Payments Guide]

Hello RegistrationMagic users and enthusiasts!

Want to accept payments from your WordPress sites along with user registrations? You’ve come to the right place then. RegistrationMagic, already being the most acclaimed user registration plugin for WordPress, also allows you the flexibility to accept payments in addition to user account registrations. We have solely dedicated this guide to help users like you in setting up payments using RegistrationMagic. It is a simple three step process, described below. Follow along as we walk you through.

Step 1 – Payment Configuration

Before we do anything with the forms themselves, they will eventually be used to accept payments, we’ll have to enable Payments from RegistrationMagic’s Global Settings screen. To reach the Payments settings, just click on the Global Settings link under the RegistrationMagic dashboard menu. On the Global Settings screen, you will see many categories of settings. Find and click on the Payments link.

Global Settings for Payments

From the Payments settings screen, you are allowed to configure multiple payment processors. But for the purpose of this guide, we are going to setup only PayPal. Once you have understood the method for stetting up PayPal, you can setup any other payment processors in similar way. Moving forward, please enable the checkbox next to the PayPal logo…

Payments Settings

…and click on the adjoining configure link as well. Clicking on this link will open up a popup box which will require you to add your PayPal email address and set whether you want to enable test payments or not. Test payments are useful if your site, or form, is still in development stage and not live to the public yet. You can also setup any checkout page styles from this popup that you may have created from your PayPal account. A detailed description of all the settings on this screen can be viewed from our Knowledgebase here.

Configure Payment Processor

Step 2 – Create Product

Next step after configuring the global Payments settings is creating a Product.

Forms, by themselves, only act as an interface to accept payments. It is Products that do all the heavy lifting backstage to make payments really work with the forms. Therefore, you’ll first have to create a Product and then add that Product to any form(s) of your choice using the ‘Add Product’ form field. Letting Products handle payments also decouples it from individual forms, the benefit of which being that you get to use one Product for payments in as many forms as you want, as many times as you want. Payment configuration will not remain bound to any particular form.

Enough talk, you say? Let’s get to the action then. Proceed ahead by clicking on the ‘Products’ menu item under the RegistrationMagic dashboard menu. This will lead you to the Products screen. If you have no products created already, the default message on this screen will tell you what you need to do.

No Products in List

Assuming you haven’t created any Products already, just go ahead and click on the ‘New Product’ link at the top, just underneath the Products heading. Next up, you will now see a screen that will allow you to create a new Product. Use the help-texts on the right of each setting to know more about them. A detailed description of all the settings on this screen can be viewed from our Knowledgebase here.

Create New Product

After adding all the required details, click on the Save button to create the new Product. It will now appear in the all Products list.

New Product in List

Step 3 – Add Product to Form

After going through Steps 1 & 2, you must be fired up to accept payments from your RegistrationMagic forms. Well, keep your enthusiasm high as we are going to go through this last step fairly quickly. All you need to do is just add a new field to the form of your choice. To do this…

  • Click on the ‘Fields’ link at the bottom of the form card from the all forms screen.

Form Card

  • Click on the ‘Add Field’ link that’s just beneath the ‘Fields Manager’ heading.

Add Field Link

  • Select the field as ‘Add Product’ field.

Add Field Popup

  • Choose the Product you just created and click on the ‘Add to Form’ button.

New Field Product
The payment will now show up on the form once you publish it live using the form’s shortcode. You can also preview it on the front-end by clicking on the ‘Preview’ link on the Fields Manager screen.

Step 4 – Add Variable Quantities and Total Price to Form

This step is optional. If you are interested in following two features, follow this article: How to Add Variable Quantities and Total Price to Registration Form Payments

  • Allow customers to choose ‘Variable Quantities’ for your Product fields
  • Display ‘Total Price’ at the bottom of your form

Let us know if this guide was helpful or not by posting a comment below. Your feedback will be immensely valuable in helping us make RegistrationMagic even more productive and fun to use.

We’ll keep on adding more guides like this to assist RegistrationMagic users on their way to a more wholesome user registration experience. Till then, keep exploring the various other possibilities of RegistrationMagic on your own; we assure there are aplenty.


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  2. Richard

    Hey Team,

    Just a quick question, when testing this if they stopped the payment process, the user is still created in WordPress.
    This means that users created here are able to access areas without payment.
    Is there a way to force payments, or only create a WordPress user once payment has been verified?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. rmagic

      Yes there is a way to force payment – please reach out to support team for help.

  3. […] visit our Payments Guide for more information on how to setup payments with RegistrationMagic […]

  4. Ademir

    When testing payments using Paypal Sandbox, after finishing payment, will the form inbox show the payment completed symbol (green card)? Thanks

  5. Doug

    When using PayPal payment option, my users are getting a shipping charge of $3.95 by default when they are routed to to finish the transaction. I want to eliminate this. Is this a setting in this plug-in or PayPal??


    1. rmagic

      Hi Doug,
      Yes, thats possible, you can try through our Stripe extension (there are other payment gateways integration too). Please reach out to support if you have further questions – much easier to support through ticketing system.

  6. steve

    Hello there,

    is there any way to create a free product ?


    1. rmagic

      Thanks for reaching out; could you please create a support ticket so we can help you better.

  7. David

    Hi There,
    I am trying to use PAYPAL as payment method although, for my clients to pay, they have to have an account in PayPal or create an account, I have another website that I actually developed using .NET, and I use Paypal as well buy it gives me the option to add or use a credit card if the client does not have Paypal account… is there a way to do that with RegistrationMagic?

    1. rmagic

      Yes, its possible. You have to enable PayPal Express through PayPal dashboard. Or, you can purchase PayPal website solution that will allow you to accept user card on your site (using PayPal payment processor). Note that this feature has to do nothing with RegistrationMagic, its just how you configure your PayPal. PayPal Express option is not available in few countries.

  8. Chiara

    I wanted to know if at the end of the purchase of a virtual product at the deadline no longer gives access to the site?

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      Could you please explain how registrations are linked up with product pricing setup?

  9. Maribel

    How do I set a maximum number for a product?

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      Currently there’s no option to set limit for the maximum number of products. You may use custom JS on front end fields to limit the count.

      1. Jennifer Smith

        Can you point us to exactly how this can be done? I was going to recommend purchasing the Premium version to my client until I realized there was no way to limit the number of products or registrations, which seems like an obvious feature to have – and critical for them.

        Any chance this might be added in the near future?

        1. RegistrationMagic Staff

          To limit submissions on a form please follow the steps below:
          1. Go to RegistrationMagic > form dashboard
          2. Click on Limits
          3. Select “Limit Submissions” and configure as desired.
          4. Save when done.

          Unfortunately, it’s not possible to limit products on the form. We have noted your requirement and forwarded it to the management team for review and possible inclusion in the future updates.

  10. Camirine

    Hi,Can other payment gateway integrated other than provided, If yes how to?
    Thank in advance

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      Yes, you can integrate other payment gateways. Please consult your developer for the integration, we would provide available hooks and filter required for the integration in case developer. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any question.

      1. Adeyemi

        I have contacted my Developer and he has given me some html code to integrate,
        I want to know if this will work before upgrading to the premium


        1. rmagic

          Hi Adeyemi,

          Could you share the code with us? It will help us answer you better. Please post a ticket for for our technical team by visiting this link.

  11. Ustin


    does RegistrationMagic offer PayPal-Plus as a payment option, or is it just the standard PayPal Checkout ?

    kind regards,

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      Hello, currently we do not have PayPal-Plus. As of now, PayPal is integrated with RegistrationMagic.

  12. Eniayo Ogunsola

    Can I add multiple classes in a dropdown list wit the free version? If no, then the free version is only good for one product?

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      You can use a fixed product in the standard version of RegistrationMagic. The other product types i.e multi-select, drop down and user-defined are available in the premium version of RegistrationMagic.

  13. Abdullahi Yakubu

    Hello, Instead of selling a product, can I configure to be selling services? Thank you

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can create products and label it as the services you want to provide. For detailed information about adding products on the form, please refer to the following link:

  14. bb


    I have a suggestion. It’d be cool the be able to sell different user roles on the site with access to different sections and also time limit them and mail the user when it’s x days left of the subsciption with a link for renewal. If they don’t renew they will get rid of that particular user group. A littble bit lite restrict content pro.

    That would make this plugin 100%!


    1. RegistrationMagic

      Thanks for your suggestion. Your feedback and comments to help us improve are most welcome. We have made note of this and will definitely consider it in one of our future releases.

    2. JH

      This is what I’m looking for also. We offer a yearly membership but need a way to handle renewals instead of manually removing them from a paid group.

      1. RegistrationMagic

        Membership renewal can be achieved using RegistrationMagic automation feature’s submission time based rule. Please refer to this link for details regarding this- 

        By applying this type of rule, user account can be deactivated or deleted after certain period of time. Also, an email can be sent to user with form link for membership renewal.

  15. Awake

    Can I let the buyers set the donation(price) by themselves?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      A user defined product can be added to the form by going to RegistrationMagic > products > select ‘user defined’ > name and save it. It allows user to enter his/her own price for the product with the form. It’s useful for accepting donations.

  16. Tonix

    Actually, when a user pays or aborts the payment procedure on PayPal, it is returned to the site page, with a generic message but nothing happens in database. Regular payments are not registered, aborted payments too.
    Is it possible to make a complete cycle of payments integrated in website?
    We expect also correct answers (“payment processed and order created” or “payment aborted, order not created”).
    How to make that?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Payment status information of a transaction done using RegistrationMagic form is available on submission entry page. This page is accessible through view link in inbox. If transaction done using RegistrationMagic form is completed, payment status in “Submission Entry” page will display “Completed” along with Paypal transaction log. Similarly, if PayPal payment from RegistrationMagic form is aborted or pending, the status in submission entry page will show “Pending” along with transaction log.

      As for displaying custom payment status messages, its not feasible now but we will definitely try to provide an update with it in future.

  17. Godwin

    Hi, I want to use other payment preprocessors (Paystack) not listed on the payment settings, what should i do?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      We constantly add new features and integrations to our plugin, expanding its usage scope with third party payment processors. It requires careful implementation process and you may use any of the payment options available in RegistrationMagic. However, usage of any other options outside those alraedy available is not feasible as of now due to technical reasons.

  18. Remco

    Maybe a weird question but is it possible to hide the payments tab?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      This can be achieved via integration with our other plugin, ProfileGrid:

      1.Activate ProfileGrid and RegistrationMagic on your site. This will cause RegistrationMagic submission Page to be replaced by ProfileGrid profile page.
      2. Go to ProfileGrid global settings and open RegistrationMagic settings.
      3. Disable “Payment History” toggle. Please check this-

  19. Jon

    I’ve setup the payment processor as Stripe.
    When testing, the payment goes through OK for the correct amount, but there’s no customer name.
    How do I forward customer name details and the price to Stripe?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Price is always being forwarded to Stripe, so it must be there in the transaction details in Stripe dashboard. Regarding the customer name, as of now we do not send anything else from our side but soon we are going to attach the submission ID within the order details. This will allow to associate payment with the submission record.

  20. Niko

    I’m wanting to use a drop down menu where customers would select which Product they want as part of the registration process. How can I do this?

    1. rmagic

      Using the Dropdown type Product field, customers can select the Product of choice at the time of registration. Dropdown type Product field is available exclusively in RegistrationMagic Premium variants.

  21. Stephan Decuyper

    is it possible to fix a product price in different currencies depending on where the service is offered ? We use Paypal, and fixed price so it does not fluctuates due to exchange rates
    We offer courses in many different countries

    1. RegistrationMagic

      As of now only one currency can be set from RegistrationMagic > Global Settings > Payments > choose default currency. This will set currency globally on all the forms.

  22. Celestine Onah

    Hi the Admin
    Please how can I setup flutterwave as a payment method ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Flutterwave is not supported as payment system in our current versions. But we will consider it for integration in future.

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