Post Submission

Post Submission

This section of RegistrationMagic controls the activity after a user posts a form submission. Available settings are…

Success Message

User will see the message added from here as the success message once he/she has submitted the form. If any specific message is not added from here, then the default success message, which is “<Form Name> Submitted” is displayed to the users.

Display a Unique Token Number

Enable this option to assign a Unique Token number to each form submission and also email it to the user. This feature works only if the Auto-Responder option is activated from the Form Dashboard >> Auto Responder. The Unique Token Number is also visible on the submission records to both the administrator of the site and the user who posted that form submission.

Ideally, this option should be enabled for those forms on which you need to send a registration number to users after form submission, since registration numbers need to be unique for identification.


Required Field

Choose whether to redirect a user to an already existing page on the site, or a specific URL, or even not to redirect at all, after form submission. The Success Message will display before the user is redirected to the page or the URL of your choice.

Send Submitted Data to External URL

Enable this option to push form submitted data to an external server page of your choice using the HTTP POST protocol. You can use this external server page for maintaining an external database for the form’s submissions.