How to Import a Registration Form in WordPress?


This article will explore the step-by-step process of importing a WordPress Form in the RegistrationMagic plugin. It allows a convenient and efficient solution to reuse existing forms.

How to Import a WordPress Form?

After logging in, navigate to the All Forms section from the main menu.

All Forms Section of RegistrationMagic

Next, click on the Import option.

RegistrationMagic Import Engine to Import Forms

Control will redirect to the RegistrationMagic Import Engine page where you may upload XML files. The Import facility allows you to upload the Rmagic.xml files. The Rmagic.xml files act as the data mapper’s destination file. Further, it helps you to define and store form content in a shareable manner.

Click on the Choose File option to upload the file. Once imported, you can find the imported form in the All Forms dashboard.

Imported Test Form by Import Engine

Importing WordPress forms with RegistrationMagic is a breeze. It may help save time, ensure consistency, and reduce manual recreation hassles. With just a few clicks, you can replicate forms, maintain uniformity, and boost your workflow.

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