Lead Generation Forms – All you should know (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for ways to attract more prospects and convert them into a lead using online lead generation forms? If so, here is a complete guide! 

Acquiring high-quality leads has become one of the sole objectives of every business. They dedicate huge chunks of resources to capturing leads. 

However, the scenario of lead generation has changed dramatically with the introduction of modern techniques, websites, software, marketing tools, and social media platforms.

Most of the marketing experts have fine-tuned their skill sets to achieve the desired results through lead generation. 



What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a process of capturing and identifying individuals who have an interest in your products or services. In addition to that, lead generation is considered to be at the forefront of digital marketing. 

With lead generation, you can target the right audience, which increases the possibility of getting more sales. 

Does lead generation really work?

Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. With high-quality leads, you know precisely whom to pitch, what to pitch, and how to convert it into a lead. 

By implementing lead generation programs, you can build relationships, increase brand awareness, generate qualified leads, and ultimately close deals and make a sale. This not only increases your sales but also saves your time and resources.

What are lead generation forms?

Online lead generation forms are one of the most commonly used tools of marketers, bloggers, and businesses to capture high-quality leads. A lead generation form can be any type of web form that collects customer data such as email, name, number, and more. 

Some of the frequently used best lead generation forms are registration forms, contact forms, eBook signup forms, pop-up forms, and newsletter signup forms. 

How do you create a lead gen form?

There are various ways of creating a lead gen form. If you have a WordPress website, you can create simple lead gen forms like contact forms using the default contact form offered by WordPress.

And if you are looking for more feature-rich and advanced forms, you can install WordPress form plugins for lead generation such as RegistrationMagic. It is one of the leading WordPress form plugins. 

Why are Lead Generation Forms used and How can Lead Generation Forms be helpful?

Lead generation forms are used to capture the crucial data of those who are interested in your product or services. 

According to recent research, 74% of businesses use lead generation forms to capture leads. Among which 49.7% of businesses stated that their lead generation forms are their highest converting tool. 

Lead generation forms can be a great help for:

  • Capturing qualified leads
  • Collecting pivotal customer data
  • Increasing sales and ROI
  • Identifying target audience
  • Targeting desired customers

Who can use Lead Generation Forms? Why are they so popular and Lead gen forms are useful for which businesses?

Lead Generation forms are one of the most popular ways of generating leads. One of the reasons for being the most commonly used lead generation tools is the effectiveness of these forms. 

In addition to that, lead generation online forms can be easily created, collect crucial data, and can be used by any business that has an online presence regardless of its size.

Not only that, these forms can be used by bloggers, freelancers, startups, SMBs, corporations, artists, and almost anyone. 

Lead Generation Forms can be used by any and every business. It is one of the best lead generation techniques to collect customer data, feedback, create a membership base, or for capturing qualified leads. 

Further, businesses from every single sector can use these forms regardless of their size. It can be used by medical professionals, F&B, travel, marketing, or even blogging. 

How can businesses benefit from lead generation form? 

Here are some of the benefits of lead generation online forms:

  • Identify target audience
  • Tap the right market
  • Capture high-quality leads
  • Increase sales
  • More leads in less time
  • Low-cost, high value
  • Increased ROI
  • Easy to use and analyze
  • Create customer database
  • Increase customer interaction 

Best lead generation methods and strategies for businesses

Lead Generation Forms

One of the most effective and commonly used lead generation methods by brands and bloggers is web forms. These forms are highly effective and can generate high-quality leads easily. 

Landing Pages

A lead generation landing page is used to establish a point of contact between the brand and the possible lead. It helps your prospect or leads to understand the brand better, connect with it, and move forward in the funnel. 


Another great way of generating leads is through chatbots. Most businesses nowadays provide you with an option to chat with them. This creates a rapport with the prospects. In addition to that, chatbots are available 24×7, which eliminates the chance of losing any lead. 

Gated Content

Gated or restricted content is a great asset to capture leads or collect customer data. You can leverage this asset to give your audience something that is valuable to them. Some of the most popular gated content types are eBooks, newsletters, white papers, guides, market reports, and worksheets.

Know how you can restrict content on your website. 


Offering coupons is another strategy used for short-term leads as well as long-term leads. Any prospect willing to grab the coupon instantly creates a sale or turns into a lead as you know that the person is willing to buy from your brand. Learn how to create coupons on your website!

Optimize your website

Last but not least, this method is a crucial one. Your website should be highly optimized and user-friendly. You don’t want any possible lead to leave your website just because the website speed is too slow. 

To optimize your website and support lead generation, you need to make sure that your website loading time is below 2 seconds. Also, use lightweight WordPress themes with excellent aesthetics.

How to make the lead generation form stand out (dos and don’ts)

With almost every website using Lead Generation forms, users have become sensitive to these forms. To create a compelling lead generation form, you need to make sure that your best lead generation forms stand out among the rest. 

Here are a few expert tips on how to make your lead gen form stand out:

  • Use fewer fields: Most people avoid filling out forms that have more than 4-5 fields. More fields take more time which triggers the prospect to leave the form. 
  • Use autofill or intelligent forms: Autofill or intelligent forms fetch the data of the field from user history. This reduces the filling time as well, as it does not require the user to fill the form manually. 
  • Use various types of forms: Using various types of the form allows you to analyze and decide which fits your needs better and attracts more prospects. 
  • Direct approach: While filling up the form, the user should always be clear on what the offer is about. Communicate the offer directly on your form. 
  • Include privacy policy: Most of the time, prospects do not fill the forms for fear of getting spammed. In order to gain their trust, you can showcase your privacy policy or a no-spamming message on your form.

Where and how to place lead generation forms?

​Placement of lead generation form plays a significant role in lead generation. If the placement of a form is correct, it can help you capture high numbers of leads. However, if your form placement is not correct, it can cost you quite a few leads. 

Some of the best spaces to place a lead generation form are:

  • On top of your home page: If you have a niche website, placing a lead generation form right at the home page ensures optimum visibility and a higher turning rate. For niche websites, users right away require to connect to a salesperson. And a form right at the top helps them save time.

On top of your home page

  • Slide Bar: Slide bar is another great space to place your lead gen form. Similar to the above point, it serves best for niche websites.

slide bar

  • Pop-up: Pop-ups are a great way of grabbing the user’s attention. In addition to that, you can always set a time limit after which the form pops up to ensure even more high-quality leads.

  • Footer or other places: According to conventional thinking, a form should always be placed on the top fold of the website. However, it does not work for everyone. Every niche has a different audience type. To see what works for you, you need to try some unconventional places as well.


Types of Lead Generation Forms

There are various types of Lead gen forms used by various businesses. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

Contact form

Contact forms are a pretty basic type of WordPress lead generation form used by almost every business. These forms include fields such as Name, Email, Contact details, Message, and sometimes a few other fields. These types of forms are exceptionally effective in collecting user data. Learn how to create contact forms here

Pop-up form

Pop-up forms are another most popular type of lead generation form used by bloggers, brands, and businesses. Pop-forms not only ensure quality lead but are also great for engaging users. Know how you can create a dynamic pop-up form!

Registration Form

A registration form allows your users to register to your website to carry out various activities like posting, commenting, and much more. You can use this type of WordPress lead generation form to create a user base. Know the best way to create a feature-rich registration form.

Membership Form

Most commonly used by bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and learning websites, membership forms are also great for lead generation. They not only create a membership base but also provide you with a loyal customer list. Know how to set up a membership form on your WordPress website.

How RegistrationMagic can help you generate more leads

Try RegistrationMagic!

RegistrationMagic is a WordPress form plugin to create various types of best lead capture forms on WordPress. 

Using this form plugin you can create contact forms, registration forms, payment forms, pop-up forms, and various other types of forms.

Here are some of the highlights of this WordPress form builder:

  • Easily manage form right from the dashboard
  • Create customized forms with custom fields
  • You can modify and configure the content of a form
  • Easy form and field analysis with tables and charts
  • It comes with in-built CSS 3 responsiveness for enhanced user experience
  • RegistrationMagic comes with Aweber, MailChimp, and MailPoet integrations for email marketing
  • Trigger automatic emails on form submission
  • A visual form editor to help you edit and create forms seamlessly
  • Bulk email option to generate bulk mails
  • You can also attach admin note to your user submissions

These are just a few features and functionalities of RegistrationMagic. Check out all the features of this WordPress form plugin here.

Why RegistrationMagic is the perfect solution for Lead generation websites

RegistrationMagic can not only help you create various types of forms to generate leads, but also comes with an array of extensions that are a perfect solution for any lead generation website. Here are a few such extensions:

Token System Ext.

The token system extension of RegistrationMagic automatically generates unique token numbers for each form submission which allows you to segregate users based on your requirements. With this extension, you can identify and filter users to build a list of leads.

Access Control Ext.

The Access Control extension allows you to add conditional access control to your form. Using this extension you can allow users within a specific age group, with a secret password and/or User Role to fill out forms. Further, you can use this extension to capture the data of specific age groups, users with specific user roles, and more.

Field Analytics Ext.

This extension enables you to analyze the fields in your forms to track which field is chosen the most. Using this extension you can figure out options chosen by the users on checkbox, radio box, drop down, and country fields. Field analytics can come in handy to segregate your leads based on their choices.

Multi-Page Form Ext.

You can turn single-page forms into a multi step lead form using this multi-page form extension. You can refine your leads better using a multi-page form and capture more user data.

MailPoet 3 Ext.

This extension is an integration of RegistrationMagic with MailPoet 3. It allows you to subscribe registering users to the latest version of MailPoet lists directly from your forms.

MailChimp Ext.

The MailChimp integration of RegistrationMagic allows you to map all your custom fields with registration forms. You can import or export data such as email IDs and names directly to/from MailChimp. Further, you can automate bulk emails using this extension.

How to create a lead generation form?

To create a lead generation form, first, you’ll need to install RegistrationMagic. Follow the step-by-step guide given in the link above to install this plugin.

Try RegistrationMagic!

Once the installation is complete, follow these steps to create your first lead generation form:

Creating basic lead gen form with basic fields

Step1: Go to your WordPress dashboard and find RegistrationMagic on your left menu.

lead generation forms

Step2: Hover your cursor over RegistrationMagic and click on ‘All Forms’

Step3: Once your forms dashboard is open, click on ‘New Form’ to create a new form.

lead generation forms

Step4: Further, add the name of the form.

Registration Form

Step5: You can tick off the user registration option below the form name if you wish to create a simple contact form. 

Step6: Now, to customize your form and add fields, hover over your form card and click on ‘Fields.’

Lead generation forms

Step7: Click ‘Add Fields’ and from the given options, select the fields you want to add.

Step8: Scroll down and customize the action button text if you want.

Step9: Once done, save the form and go to your form’s dashboard. 

Step10: To publish the form on your WordPress website, copy the form code, create a new post, paste the form code, and publish. 

Frontend lead generation form examples:

Similarly, you can create a Stripe Payment form:

Or a Registration Form:

Lead Generation Form in a Nutshell

With RegistrationMagic you can create endless lead generation forms on your website. Leverage the features of this form builder and capture qualified leads. 

Explore some additional resources that will help you create advanced lead generation forms for your website.

Also, if you have any queries or comments related to lead generation forms, please feel free to comment below, and we will reach out to you immediately! 

Try RegistrationMagic for Free!


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