How to Check Submissions for a WordPress Form?


This article will guide you on how to check Submissions for a WordPress form. It provides a comprehensive understanding of your form’s performance and user interactions.

How to check Submissions for a WordPress Form?

After logging in, navigate to the All Forms section from the plugin menu.

All Forms Section of the RegistrationMagic

The Submissions column has information about the total number of submissions made to a particular form.

Total Submissions Count for Customizations Form

Click on the submission count and control will be redirected to the Inbox page. Here, you can access all the Submissions.

Inbox page

The Inbox page allows central access to all the submissions. The submissions list will contain the following information:

  • Name and Email: for the user who made the submission
  • Feedback: the extract about the message contents
  • Received On: the date and time on which this submission was made
  • There is also information about any attachments, payment status, etc.

View or Delete buttons allow for corresponding actions for the corresponding selected submission entry.

All Form dashboard allows intuitive and easy access to all the submissions data. Further, submissions are linked to the inbox page, where you can access the detailed view of each entry.

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