Auto Login User After Registration


  1. Leon

    What if someone who is already logged in comes to the registration page. Will the user see the registration form still (which would not make sense, I think), or would he or she be redirected to an account page, for example

    1. s

      Has this been answered somewhere ?
      I have the same (presale) question.

      1. Avatar photo

        User will be able to see and submit registration form while in logged-in state. In logged-in state, email field will display pre-populated with registered user email address, and form will be of contact type. It means on submission while the form data will get saved to database, the account itself won’t be created.

  2. Derrick Campbell

    Everything works until I attempt to login the user. Please advise.

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Derrick,

      Could you please create a support ticket from here –

      Our support team will help you with the issue.

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