How to Find Pending Unconfirmed Users in WordPress?

How to Find Pending Unconfirmed Users in WordPress?

Users with accounts not yet activated are pending unconfirmed users. At times there are users who have made successful form submissions through RegistrationMagic. However, their account is not yet ready and active. The account can only be active with admin intervention. Let’s learn the easy way to find pending unconfirmed users in WordPress

Once a user submits the form created by RM a link is sent to their email inboxes. This is the activation link by which users can manually activate their accounts.

On the other hand, admin can select all the pending unconfirmed users manually and activate all of them at once.

Locating Pending Unconfirmed users

From your RM plugin on your WordPress dashboard go to “User Manager”. You can see a list of users having submitted the registration forms till date. Some of these accounts are active while others are inactive.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users manager

In the bottom left corner of the page lies the status of the account. Radio buttons are present to differentiate between active and pending status. One can also display all active and inactive users.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users selsction

Accordingly, select “Pending” from the status. This filters the pending unconfirmed users in WordPress.

Activating the pending unconfirmed users

After filtering the pending users you can manually activate the accounts. Select the accounts which are yet to become active by clicking the checkbox. Click “Activate” from the operations box.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users options

Account “Aresen” and “Test” are now active. These are the user accounts we chose to activate.

The accounts which are now part of the “Pending” filter are still unconfirmed ones.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users filters

However, a roundabout solution is present as well. For instance, you are unsuccessful to activate pending user accounts from user manager. Go to “User Accounts” from Global Settings of your RM plugin.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users settings

Select the first option which automates user activation. Submit the registration form successfully. Finally, the user accounts are created and become active.

Find Pending Unconfirmed Users result

In conclusion, this is how you locate and activate pending unconfirmed user accounts if required.


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