How to Disable WordPress Admin Bar for all Users Except Admin

Disable WordPress Admin Bar for All Users Except Administrators with RegistrationMagic

The WordPress Admin Bar sits at the top of your site once a user is logged in. This toolbar allows access to the dashboard features quickly on the frontend. However, you wouldn’t always find it useful to have it on the frontend for logged in users. If you are searching for a way to disable WordPress Admin Bar for all users except administrators, look no further. All you need is the assistance of the RegistrationMagic plugin.

Usually, people prefer having the Admin Bar on top of their pages when logged in from the frontend. However, there are some instances where having the toolbar turned off is much more preferable. Instances where you need to showcase a site page in its full display while still logged into the site. Since the admin bar has all the editing features you’d usually find on the dashboard, it’s best to keep it hidden in such cases.

Moreover, the admin bar is more useful to the admin, author or editors. These WordPress user roles have active participation in site development. That is why they need access to the admin bar as it contains quick shortcuts to various screens on the dashboard.

The admin bar is visible on the dashboard as well as the frontend of your site. Below is an image depicting the admin bar at the top of the dashboard screen. I have marked it in red for better identification.

Disable WordPress Admin Bar dashboard

Here, we are going to learn how to disable WordPress admin bar for all users except administrators for the frontend of your site. But first, go ahead and install RegistrationMagic on your site. We’ll then move forward step by step.

Navigating to “General Settings”

From the plugin menu on your dashboard, go to “Global Settings”. All the essential settings of this WordPress Registrations Forms plugin reside in “Global Settings”. It covers each and every aspect of the plugin, ranging from user accounts to WordPress form security, to external integrations.

Disable WordPress Admin Bar navigation

Next, from the “Global Settings” screen, access the first settings option “General Settings”. This section allows you to act upon all your forms from one place. This helps you save time as you won’t have to adjust these settings for each form one by one. This settings screen also helps in WordPress form design, layout, allowed file types for upload etc.

Disable WordPress Admin Bar global settings

Disable WordPress Admin Bar for All Users Except Administrators

Scroll down on the “General Settings” screen and you will find the “Hide WordPress Toolbar” setting.

Disable WordPress Admin Bar general settingsThis is the fifth setting on the screen. You will have to uncheck the “Hide WordPress Toolbar” checkbox. Disabling this setting hides the toolbar, or admin bar, from the frontend of the site. The admin bar will now be invisible to all logged in users when accessing your site from the frontend. The admin bar will remain visible to the site admin though, so the admin can work with it even from the frontend of the site.

Don’t forget to click the “Save” button to save your changes.

A Quick Solution Maker

As you saw from the process described above, it is quite easy to disable WordPress admin bar for all users except administrators with RegistrationMagic.

Not only does it allow you to create a smart WordPress registration page it will also help you to create an intelligent contact form for your site.

Do a test of these instructions on your site and let us know in the comments below if this tutorial was helpful or not. We have many more tutorials covering why RegistrationMagic is your ultimate solution for WordPress user registrations. Visit our Facebook Page to stay updated on latest RegistrationMagic feature launches.

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