How to display WordPress form using shortcode

Display WordPress form using shortcode

Using a shortcode while publishing a page simplifies the whole process for non-developers. This is because a shortcode is a layman’s code used to publish a WordPress page. WordPress, being an open-source platform is customizable according to your needs, but that can require you to have coding know-how. However, for non-developers HTML codes don’t make much of a sense. This is why you display WordPress form using shortcode.

To summarize, a shortcode embeds the enormous code penned by developers into a single code. Using shortcode, a WordPress form can be incorporated into any WordPress page you publish.

In order to display WordPress form using shortcode you need to publish your page first. In the meantime, the shortcode gathers all the form data and embeds them on your page. A shortcode is WordPress-specific aiding in form-generation with negligible hard work. Widgets and fields are also planted on a page using shortcodes.

In this tutorial, we learn how to display WordPress form using shortcode.

Fetching the pre-generated shortcode

Go to your RegistrationMagic plugin menu from your WordPress dashboard. Click on “All Forms”. In this case, we commence the discussion using a general-purpose registration form. This is the second form on the “All Forms” page placed to the right of the Login Form.

display WordPress form using shortcode fetching shortcode

Hover on the form to click the “Dashboard” hyperlink.

You are now on the “Dashboard” of the selected form. This section allows form modification by adding and removing certain integrations eventually.

Scroll down to the “Publish” section and click “Shortcode” placed first on the list. You can also fetch/copy shortcodes from form envelopes lying on the “All Forms” section of RegistrationMagic.

display WordPress form using shortcode publish section

A pop-up appears displaying a shortcode you have to copy. This is the shortcode of the particular form you selected. You can simply copy the shortcode and paste it inside a page where your form is displayed.

display WordPress form using shortcode publish page

“Copy” the shortcode.

The shortcode is a tiny piece of code performing dedication tasks on your website. It adds a specific feature to your page or post. Shortcode aid in displaying media files such as images, videos, and playlists.

RegistrationMagic’s shortcode feature can be used to publish anything on a registration form. For example, you can use shortcodes to add images to your form. Upon pasting the shortcode on a page and publishing it, the image appears on the front-end.

Publish WordPress form using shortcode.

Firstly, navigate all the way back to Pages >> Add New. You are now on the “Add New Page” screen in order to create a page and publish it.

Assign a unique name to your page. In this example, the page is labeled as “Display Form”. Paste the shortcode into the body of the email-like section of the page. The email-like section of your page is either a text or visual editor. You can also add media files and other content using this WordPress editor.

display WordPress form using shortcode new page

Click “Publish”. You can now see that your Page is published. Click “View Page” later to enjoy a glimpse of your page generated by the shortcode. This page, in particular, will display WordPress form using shortcode.

display WordPress form using shortcode view page

To illustrate, shared below is a screenshot depicting your WordPress form generated using a shortcode. This is a general form with default email field. Adding to that, are some general fields used in a basic form. In conclusion, follow these steps to display WordPress form using shortcode.

display WordPress form using shortcode result

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