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Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Send Notification to the User for Front-end Notes
If enabled, an email notification will be sent to the user when a note is added to his/her submission.

Send Notification to Site Admin
Regular Toggle switch that turns on email notification to default site admin every time user submits a form through the site. It contains all the data filled in by the user on the form.

Tip: You can edit the email content in the Form Settings >> Email Templates

Define Recipients Manually

Can be used in circumstances where notifications are not required to be sent to the site admin or where multiple persons need to be notified of form submissions. By default, it contains only admin’s email address. You can add more email addresses by clicking on “Click to add more”.

Tip: This setting can be overridden on per-form basis in the Form Settings >> Global overrides.

Attach Submission as PDF with Email
By default, admin notification email contains a pdf copy of submission data. You can enable/disable it with this toggle.

Enable SMTP
Enable this option, if you wish to use SMTP relay service for emails. Such service is provided by many email providers such as Google, Yahoo, etc. You might need to contact SMTP provider for configuration details. Following options are available for SMTP configuration:

  • SMTP host
  • Encryption type
  • SMTP Port
  • Authentication
  • Username and Password, if authentication is required.

Email Address for Testing
You can quickly test the SMTP setting here before saving. Simply provide an email address and hit “Test”; a test email will be sent to the specified address.

Display Name for Sender
If provided, this name will be used for sending emails.

Note that you should NOT enter actual email address here since using special characters (such as @) may cause the email to fail. “From Email” address is automatically appended by RegistrationMagic. If not specified, website name will be used by default.

From Email
This is the email which shows as ‘reply to’ address in the submission notification emails. If it is not defined manually, admin’s email address will be defaulted to. This field cannot be left blank.