1. Dela

    anytime I enter the OTP sent to my email, it says Incorrect OTP

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Could you please let us know where exactly have you set the option to send OTP in order to allow us analyze it and assist you.

  2. Jackel

    I have the v4 5.8.1 premium version.
    Can I add a new User to the registration form area manually?
    If so, after I add it manually, will it show under registration form contacts?
    Finally, can the NEW USER I manually entered in the registration form show up and be used in the bulk email utility provided in Registration Magic.
    I have submitted several SUPPORT TICKETS and have not received a understandable response to any of the above questions.
    Please HELP!

    1. RegistrationMagic

      We take special care of responding to all our support tickets within 24 to 48 hours. Could you please confirm if you posted ticket to us via support form on this site?

      As for the requirement you mentioned, unfortunately there is no option in RegistrationMagic to assign form manually for registering. The form will have to be submitted in order to get user registered. And bulk emails will work with only RegistrationMagic form submission entries. Feel free to login a ticket if you need further details regarding this.

  3. gigjuggler


    1. How do you turn off the login form if you do not want to use it ?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You will just need to remove the RegistrationMagic Login Form page (having RM Login shortcode) from the site.

  4. joaofernandes95

    I’ve got a support ticket “RegistrationMagic Support #4961” posted on 31st October and i didn’t got an answer.
    Can you help me please? It’s urgent

    1. RegistrationMagic

      1- Is there a way to force payments, or only create a WordPress user once payment has been verified?

      Comment- If users does not complete the paymnent transaction while form submission, then while their account will be created for the site, it will remain in deactivates state. Thus user will not be able to access “User Area” until admin manually activates the account.

      2- In addiction to PayPal can i use other forms of payment (credit card for example)?

      Comment- You may use credit and debit card option by PayPal itself. Also, RegistrationMagic allows for wePay, Stripe and payment gateways for making payment from the forms.

      3- Can i automatically send a email to the users, 1 year after they made the payment and then reprompt the user to make another payment? How can i do that?

      Comment-Yes, this is achievable using RegistrationMagic Automation feature. ​Please refer to following steps for details:

      1. Login to your admin area
      2. Go to the relevant form in the dashboard
      3. Click “Automation Settings” icon in automate section
      4. Click “New Task” link
      5. Fill in the task name and click “Next”
      6. Select “Submission Age Rule” checkbox
      7. Select “Submission Older Than” checkbox
      8. Enter 365 as value in respective field and click “Next”
      9. Select “Send Email” checkbox
      10. Fill in the “Subject” and body of email fields.
      11. Save task

      This will send email to all the user who has done submission 365 days ago.

  5. Ovie Peter

    Good day, please how do I create users dash board, so that when user login they will be directed to where they will upload files and make payments.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You may create a form using RegistrationMagic where users can upload files and make payments. You can then make the users redirect to this form after logging into the website.

      To set redirection for the user who logs in, go to RM_Login dashboard > redirections and configure ‘After Login Redirect User To’ here.

  6. Logan Nagel

    When I try to access any of the menus within the registration page (for instance, redirections) I am getting a message that says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” I have Premium. Any ideas?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      We tried replicating the issue in our local environment but its working just fine. We will need some further information from your side in order to debug this problem. Please open a ticket on our support portal and we will let you know the further details required.

  7. Narimamn

    register button did not show up in my site, how can i fix it??

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Could you please confirm which version of our plugin you are using. Also, we will need to know the PHP version on your server. It will allow for much better communication if you can open a ticket via our support portal.

    2. jacob

      Im having the same problem not sure how to fix it

  8. Howard Chou

    Currently wp use “username or email” field and “Password” field to login. If I use RM, can it use the same way to login since the user has already accustomed to enter using one of the 2 id.

    Or, can RM connect to the wp database and use it’s existing database instead of create a new one, in order to analyse the data? Thanks.


    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can still allow login through WordPress. Only drawback in this case is that RegsitrationMagic will not be able to record login entries and analytics. After WordPress login you can redirect the client to User Area.

  9. Tere Tinoco

    Hi, about PASSWORD RECOVERY, there is no link that is sent for recovery password.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please check if the password recovery page is set or not by referring to the following steps:
      1 Got to RM_Login form dashboard
      2 Go to Configure section
      3 Click on Password Recovery
      4 Enable display password recovery link, enter the link anchor text and set password recovery page correctly
      5 Save it

  10. Sebastian

    Hi guys, I have a short question:

    Does registrationmagic support Custom Validations Arrays on the Registration Page, like increasing Ticket Codes, or having two or more Codes for discounts on registration? I realize that there is the option for Accept Only Unique Values, but this is not what i want.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The requirement is not clear. Kindly raise a ticket on our support portal here: and elaborate the issue with the help of screenshots and examples, if feasible; in order to allow us understand it and assist you.

  11. akash

    Hi. how can i redirect those people to my actual page who already logged in. when they are in logged in view page.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Unfortunately, this is not possible in default RegistrationMagic and will require customisation at your end by a third party developer. Please raise a ticket at our support portal if you need any assistance. We are happy to help.

  12. GGUSA

    I have RegistrationMagic Premium I am unable to Publish the Login “Magic Popup” by clicking the star in the settings window. The program will not allow me to check the star. Any idea?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please update to the latest version of RegistrationMagic and then retry. As tested at our end, it is working fine with RM

  13. jesus

    I translated into Spanish the reset password email message where there is a link with the security token. I deleted and restored, but the link misses the token

    Thanks for you help!

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Jesus,

      We’ve checked and things work fine at our end. The issues seem to be server-specific. Please get in touch with us using this form and provide the steps that you took before the error started appearing. We will analyze and get things resolved for you.

      Thanks 🙂

  14. Kari

    how can I create another login form with RegistrationMagic. I need two different login forms because landingpage after the first login is different from the following logins. A customer uses another login page only once and the other after that. Seems like that there is no option to copy your template login page.

    Thank you for your help!

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Kari,

      There’s only one login form in RegistrationMagic. It can’t be created again or duplicated. However, we have noted this and added to our development queue, if this is implemented, we will notify.

  15. MD Fahim

    Facebook Valid OAuth Redirect URIs?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi MD Fahim,

      It should be the URL of the page that contains the RegistrationMagic login form.
      In case you need more support, please create a new support ticket 🙂

  16. Stark

    Hi, whenever i click on register button on login form I get redirected to my About page, I want the register button to redirect me to some another page. Can you please tell be how can I do that.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Stark,

      You can go to form dashboard -> Post Submission -> Redirection -> here you can insert a URL or redirect to a particular page.


  17. rajat

    How to remove remember me check box from login form?

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi rajat,

      This feature is not available in RegistrationMagic as of now. However, we will consider it for inclusion in a future release.

  18. Łukasz Książek

    I have multi-language site and I would like to transalte login form fields. How can I do it?

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Łukasz,

      The labels for the Login Form fields can be edited from the individual field settings.

  19. Matock

    I have a multilingual site, how I can duplicate the default RM_Login form, to have one per language? (different field label, field help and register page url).
    Thx for helping.

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Matock,

      RegistrationMagic only has one login form and it cannot be duplicated. We have noted your requirement and will plan on adding this feature to our plugin soon.

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