Allow User Registration Multiple Times

How to allow user registration multiple times on WordPress?

Introduction: Allow user registration multiple times

Registrations on WordPress site are one time affair. Each account bounds to a unique email address. Once a user is registered, his or her account is active until we remove it from the dashboard. Now, how about businesses that need user registration multiple times? Asking users to register each time with a separate email can be both impractical and downright annoying. As a result, we built a simple solution into RegistrationMagic. Registration forms created using RegistrationMagic on WordPress sites, allow user registration multiple times (or even different forms if it is to be). This goes for all registration forms created with RegistrationMagic automatically; no special lever to pull, no button to toggle.

How multiple user registration works!

First of all, let’s create a simple WordPress registration form. Then, let’s try registering a user using an email ID already associated with a dashboard account.

User registration multiple times - 1

For user logged in, the Username and Password fields will not appear on the form and email field is automatically filled in with associated email address. On hitting submit, the form will be sent as usual. Please note, the user must be logged in to submit the form. He or She can submit the registration form as many times.

For user not logged in, the form will appear like this (As it would to any new visitor):

User registration multiple times - 6

Note that submissions tab inside user page in dashboard stacks all submissions.

User registration multiple times - 2

If we click on the first icon from left in a Submission table row, it will take us to the individual submission page. On that page, Related link on top shows the number of submissions by the user with quick links to view them.

User registration multiple times - 3

User registration multiple times - 4

So, we see that a single user can submit multiple forms easily on a WordPress site using RegistrationMagic. On the first attempt he/ she will fill some account specific information, but later these fields will not appear.

Registration form security

Note that there is security setting that might require tweaking if you want to go heavy on re-registrations. In Global Settings → Security, we introduced a limit on submission from a single device per day.

User registration multiple times - 5


In the image above, you can see in from of Form Submission Limit For A Device is set to 10. It means if a user registers from same computer more than 10 times, the spam shield will not allow it. This applies even if email IDs are different each time. You can change the number to something more suitable to your website purpose.

This is how we allow user registration multiple times on RegistrationMagic. Now you can offer courses, classes and other stuff on your site allowing users to register for them all at once or one at a time.

About RegistrationMagic

RegistrationMagic Editorial Staff (rmagic) is a team of WordPress registration experts and major contributor to the development of RegistrationMagic - WordPress User Registration Plugin.


  1. Clayton

    Say you have an ecommerce site and need multiple accounts with a single email addresses. Can I use this multiple account feature to order products for multiple accounts?

  2. Carl

    Hi guys, I’ve set up a Registration Magic form using the default fields from the Sample Registration Form template and added a number of other fields I need to capture. When I test and accidentally use the same email as has been used previously for a registration, I get ” This user is already registered. Please try with different username or login.” – which is great, BUT it deletes all the other data in the many form fields I’ve just asked the user to fill in, so they have to start again, which is super annoying. The error message also doesn’t make it clear which field is a duplicate (it’s the email address, but it might not be clear for the user which ‘user’ data was a duplicate. Is there a way around this – like some instant validation of the field that has to be unique, so the user is warned as soon as they enter an email address that is already present in the database? Thanks Carl

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