How to Duplicate a WordPress Registration Form?


In this post, we will look at the instructions about duplicating WordPress forms with ease. RegistrationMagic’s All Forms section allows for an efficient yet simple and intuitive approach to copying existing registration forms, making edits to those, and saving those as new forms.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Registration Form in RegistrationMagic?

Duplicating a WordPress form using the RegistrationMagic plugin is a breeze. Begin by navigating to the All Forms section in the main menu.

All Forms Section of RegistrationMagic

Next, choose the Form you wish to replicate.

All Forms Section – Duplicate and Remove Options Enabled

After selecting your preferred form, the options “Duplicate” and “Remove” will become enabled. Proceed by clicking on the “Duplicate” option.

The page will refresh, and the All Forms section will display a duplicate version of the chosen Form.

Duplicate Form

On the All Forms dashboard, the duplicated form is distinguishable by its ID that will contain “copy” suffixed to the label.

Once the duplicate Form has been created, you will notice that the original and duplicated forms have identical fields. If you wish to modify the fields of the duplicated form, go to the Fields option. Here, you can add or remove fields as per your needs.

Duplicating WordPress registration forms offers a quick start feature to use existing forms as templates for the new ones. It comes in handy when the requirement is to create similar forms with variations.

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