How to Delete a Field from the WordPress Registration Form?


In this brief article, we will discuss how to delete a particular field from the WordPress registration form using Fields Manager of the RegistrationMagic plugin.

Deleting a Field from the Registration Form

After logging in, navigate to the All Forms section of the main menu.

All Forms Section of the RegistrationMagic

Hover the cursor on the Form Name that you wish to edit, and tap on the Fields button from the contextual pop-up.

Fields button of User Contact Form

You will land on the Fields Manager page. Click on the delete field option for the field to be removed. For example, let’s assume that we want to delete the Test Label field. 

Delete Field button for the Test Label field

Click on the Delete button in the confirmation popup window.

Delete button in the confirmation popup window

The Test Label field will be removed from the form. Please note that the row itself will still be there, and you may add another field to it if required. Alternatively, you may of course delete the row altogether.

Test Label field deleted from the form

That sums up the straightforward process of deleting fields in the WordPress registration form using the RegistrationMagic plugin’s Fields Manager.

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