New Note

New Note

Add a Note on a user’s form submission from the form inbox to add a specific message to it. Following settings are available for adding note…

Note Text

Add the text in this text area field that you would like to display as a note on this form submission.

Note Color

Set a color to the note from here. Add the color code manually in this field, or use the color picker to select a color visually. This color will be added to your note for better identification. You can use same color for specific type of notes to make their identification easier.

Visible to User

Enabling this option will make the note appear under this submission on the user’s end as well. If notification emails are configured for addition of notes, then an email will also be sent to the user stating that a new note has been added to their submission. This functionality can be used for submission specific comments and notes you wish to share with the user.

Please remember that for non-submission specific communication, use Send a New Email from the User Profile page (accessible from User Manager >> View). All outgoing messages are stored in the RegistrationMagic Outbox.