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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration

Mailchimp integration allows you to subscribe your users to your Mailchimp list during submission. There are two parts that you need to configure.

Setting up API key
Mailchimp API key is required so that RegistrationMagic can communicate with Mailchimp.

To do so, go to Global Settings >> External Integration. Locate “Mailchimp Integration” and enable it. A textbox should appear; paste your API key here. Save and exit.

For more information on generating your MailChimp API key please refer to:

Configuring Mailchimp subscription
Now that we have set up API key, it is time to configure actual subscription. This is configured individually for specific Forms. Head over to Form Settings, accessible from the “Settings” link on form card of form manager page. On form settings dashboard, scroll down to find “Add apps to your Form” section. Click on Mailchimp menu.

Click on checkbox to enable Mailchimp integration. Few more options should appear.

Send to Mailchimp List
This dropdown will contain all the lists you have created in your Mailchimp account. Once you have selected a list here, more dropboxes should appear depending on the fields in the list. These dropdowns contain fields from your RegistrationMagic form. Simply select a field to map it with field in the Mailchimp list.

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Show opt-in checkbox
If you want to keep Mailchimp subscription optional, enable it. This will show a checkbox on the form. User will be subscribed only if he/she check this box. You can specify a custom message along with the checkbox as well.