How to Add Custom Form Fields to WooCommerce Registration Form

If you’ve ever bought something online (that’s most of us!), you’re probably familiar with the checkout process:

Add product to cart → Click checkout → Register for an account → Pay → Receive item

And it’s the same with WooCommerce. You can require your users to register for an account before they checkout. But here’s what you can’t do in WooCommerce:

Add extra custom user registration fields for WooCommerce to your checkout registration field.

At least not without help…

With Registration Magic, you can add as many extra custom user registration fields for WooCommerce registration form as your heart desires. Whether you want to find out where your visitors found your store, get more demographic data, or collect anything else…our WordPress Registration Plugin can help.

Here’s exactly how you can add new form fields to WooCommerce using Registration Magic Premium.


Step 1: Disable Guest Checkout

In order for your custom WooCommerce registration form fields to show up, the first thing you need to do is disable guest checkout for WooCommerce.

That means your guests will no longer be able to checkout without creating an account (or logging into an existing account). It’s necessary for your custom WooCommerce form fields to display.

You can disable guest checkout by going to WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout. Find the Enable Guest Checkout checkbox beside the Checkout Process section and make sure you uncheck it:


Step 2: Create Your New WooCommerce Registration Form Fields

Now, you’re ready to create your brand spankin’ new WooCommerce registration form fields. Your new form fields will display below the standard WooCommerce registration form.

You can create those new fields just like you would any other Registration Magic form. Here’s the process…

First, go to RegistrationMagic → Add Form. Make sure to give your form a name. You can leave all the other settings as blank or default:


On the next page, scroll down and click the Pages and Fields button:


In this interface, you can add the new fields you want to appear on your WooCommerce registration form. Remember – you don’t need basic fields like Email Address and Name. Those are already included in the standard WooCommerce registration form.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to add two new fields:

  • Age
  • Where did you find us?

You can create a simple text entry field for age and a dropdown with options for “Where Did You Find Us?”:


Just click on the form fields at the top of the page to add them. When you add each form field, you’ll be able to configure its options.

When you’re finished, your form field settings should look something like this (you can ignore the Email field – it won’t display on the final product):


Step 3: Tell WooCommerce to Use Your Custom Registration Fields

Last step, I promise! Now, you just need to set up the WooCommerce integration in Registration Magic.

To do that, go to RegistrationMagic → Global Settings → WooCommerce Integration:


Select the form you just created from the dropdown and click save:


And that’s it!

Now, when your users go to checkout, they should see two added fields below the standard WooCommerce registration form:


Step 4: Updates to WooCommerce functionality

Our Display Fields are also part of WooCommerce integration. Display Fields are informational snippets that you can add to your WooCommerce forms. It is a unique new system that adds extra layers of information, animations and dynamic data to your users while they fill up the form. You can insert these fields from the ‘Add Fields’ pop-up of RegistrationMagic’s Fields Manager.

With the launch of version you can now do the opposite. It means, you can now add WooCommerce fields to any RegistrationMagic form! That’s right, even a regular form like a contact form. Beginning with this version, you will find a new section of fields appearing in your Fields Manager.

As you can see in the screenshot – WooCommerce Billing, Shipping and Number fields are visible right inside Fields Manager popup. Click on them to add to your forms. Remember, these fields will appear just like they do in WooCommerce checkout form. For users with an existing account, submitting a form with one of these fields will update user specific values in the database.

So this is another step towards a richer and more meaningful WooCommerce integration for your forms; and, there’s even more in store for you. Our future plans include adding WooCommerce products to your registration forms.

Wrapping Things Up

While you can technically use RegistrationMagic to add unlimited new fields to your WooCommerce registration form, we recommend that you be discerning when choosing which extra fields to add. Use your newfound power wisely. Add only those fields which truly provide you with valuable information.

We also recommend that you read our advance WordPress User Login Plugin guide. With Registration Magic, you can very easily step-up your WooCommerce user login analytics, and monitor user login timelines, login failure vs success rates and other important login parameters. You can also modernize your WooCommerce login process with two factor authentication and other advance login features.

Lastly, you can checkout RegistrationMagic Free and Premium plans comparison at this link.

About Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer for hire with a background in SEO and affiliate marketing. He helps clients grow their web visibility by writing primarily about digital marketing, WordPress, and B2B topics.


  1. john

    I have some problems i am facing some issue with registering form many times i attempt to register and it goes well with few step but in password generating it didn’t give me the option to generate or change the password option can you please help me out for the issue

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi John,

      Could you let us know which version of RegistrationMagic you are using.

  2. 1001 Webs

    Would it be possible to have the documents uploaded the registration process,
    included as part of the Customer personal details when purchasing a Product via WooCommerce?

    I’m building a site where Customers needs to prove they have the Certificates needed for purchasing a particular range of Products. Those Certificates are uploaded during as part of the Registration, however how can we include them, or at least a link to the document files, in the order details together with the Customer’s name, shipping address, etc.?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Yes it is possible. Add file upload field on the registration form which you want to integrate with WooCommerce. In this way on WooCommerce checkout page, RegistrationMagic’s file upload field will appear to upload the documents along with Woocommerce’s fields like first name, last name shipping address fields.

  3. James

    That’s an interesting tutorial but if you can guide how to do it manually? The fields are not adding in the registration form using a plugin. I am trying to add it manually using a code that I have seen here in a complete guide Is there any alternative to do this? It would be really helpful if you could help me to add fields in the registration form.
    <input type="text" class="input-text" name="registration_name" value="” />

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Follow these steps to add RegistrationMagic form fields to WooCommerce registration form:

      1. Activate RegistrationMagic.
      2. Create “Form F” on “All Forms” page of RegistrationMagic.
      3. Click “Fields” link on “Form F” card.
      4. Click “Add Field” link and create the fields of your choice.
      5. Go to Gobal Settings > WooCommerce Integration Settings.
      6. Select “Form F” as default registration form.
      7. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts > Enable Registration. Also make sure to check the box beside “Enable customer registration” on “My account: page”.
      8. Open WooCommerce “My Account Page” in logged out state. “Form F” fields should display along with username and password fields of WooCoommerce registration form.

      For more details, please visit this link-

  4. Elijah Lovkoff

    We need our users to upload files during the custom registration process. Is it possible?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can use ‘file upload’ field to make users upload the file while registering. Note that this feature is available only in Premium and Premium versions of RegistrationMagic.

  5. Chun Yuk Chan


    When i use WooCommerce integration , client can edit their billing address information, but when they click the button, they will redirect to WooCommerce member dashboard. Cant i create the view to let them to edit this information in your dashboard? if yes , can you help me?

    1. rmagic

      Hi, yes, its possible. This functionality is included in the latest release.

  6. Rashmika


    Thanks for the article.

    When i add a field in the checkout.

    Will it automatically be added to the account registration form ?

    Help would be appreciated.

    Thank You,
    Best Regards.

    1. rmagic

      Yes, RM fields can be added to the WooCommerce registration form. Thanks.

  7. Jeremy Davis

    I just purchased this and have a question. I have 2 subscription options that are being sold, and I want those to be the first items a user selects when they are doing the registration. I already have them set up in woocommerce, so how to I incorporate those into my form?

    1. rmagic

      Thank you, could you please submit a support ticket and our support team will be more than happy to help.

  8. jeremy

    simple question, does this plugin allow registration to be done with facebook? cannot seem to find any info on that.


    1. rmagic

      Yes, the Facebook integration is available in the Global settings.

  9. balaji

    hai ,

    for registration i used 10 filed and in admin for each customer in edit account only mandatory filed first name, last name , password, email id only showing and editable where i want to display all field in this form please help me where its woocommerce and one more sorry for English type

    1. rmagic

      Sure we can help. please open support ticket on our support page so we can help you better.

  10. Praveen

    Thanks for the Great Plugin. Can you confirm weather i can add country and state fields in Woo-commerce Registration Form?

    1. rmagic

      sure you can

  11. surender

    How can i get user Details like Phone, email etc. in another page.

    1. rmagic

      There is a multi page functionality to get that job done.

  12. Anthony

    Does this have password confirmations built in?

    1. rmagic

      RegistrationMagic will take over the registration process and all WooCommerce info will integrate into user manager of RM.

  13. The Woo Refugee

    The guys over at WooCommerce have really irritated me lately. I recently got hit with a HUGE bill for a few plugins I own (without warning). Did you know that WooCommerce have doubled their prices by 50 on all annual subscription renewals – without explaining anything to their customers! Seems pretty weird. Did this affect you too?

    1. rmagic

      Sorry to hear that. We are a stand alone plugin and not a extension. Thank you.

  14. Joseph

    Hi, Is it possible to add multiple new fields to woocommerce but have them split over stages rather than on one long checkout/registration page?

    1. rmagic

      We have multi page feature to get the job done.

  15. Obie

    is it possible just to purchase the WooCommerce integration?

    1. rmagic

      Yes, its part of RegistrationMagic premium

  16. David Bizer

    Where does the additional Data show up?
    Can admins see it in the order details?
    Is it possible to display that data under the my account page so the user can see and edit it?

    1. rmagic

      Please reach out to support and redirect the question to developers.

  17. Flightmania

    Hi…We have the same question of Lorenzo: “I would like to create an user registration form that “syncs” with woocommerce billing values, so that my users can register and give me already the informations that would be stored once they checkout their first purchase… is this possible with RegistrationMagic? Thanks!”

    We’ve been looking for a plugin to do this.

    1. rmagic

      Hi @Flightmania, this feature is not available right now, but we have added it to our road-map. If you are interested to have us prioritize this feature, please contact our support at

  18. Lorenzo

    Hello guys!
    I would like to create an user registration form that “syncs” with woocommerce billing values, so that my users can register and give me already the informations that would be stored once they checkout their first purchase… is this possible with RegistrationMagic? Thanks!

    1. rmagic

      Thanks Lorenzo, please create a support ticket to reach out to our support team.

    2. Flightmania

      Did You get this?

  19. Melanie Hensch

    I am having the same issue as the previous commenter – I have premium, and the Woo Commerce integration is not available. Please help, thanks!

    1. rmagic

      Hi Melanie, could you please open the support ticket; we will be able to help you better.

    2. rmagic

      Hi Melanie,
      Please update RegistrationMagic Premium to latest version (we have fixed the issue in our latest release).

      1. Melanie Hensch

        Thank you! I opened a ticket regarding an update problem.

  20. rmagic

    Thank you, will reply on ticket asap.

  21. Tsutomu Ishida

    This looks a great plugin. I bought the premium version, but I cannot see the WooCommerce integration in Global Settings. Please tell me what to do. I have submitted a ticket yesterday about this, but no reply yet.

  22. Syl


    Looks great! Will the additional fields show in the WP User info too so I can export them? Also, I am working with Woo Memberships, will the additional fields show in the Member details too?


    1. rmagic

      Thanks for liking the plugin. RegistrationMagic user manager works with default WP User. We are still working on integration with membership plugins – should be out soon.

    2. Francis

      Any update on integrating with WooCommerce Memberships? Been waiting for this.


      1. rmagic

        Yes, we are planning to add some new stuff to WooCommerce extensions. Thanks for your patience…

  23. Tecnoes

    Is this valid for the free plugin? I cannot see “woocommerce integration” in my global settings
    Cool plugin, thanks!

    1. rmagic

      WooCommerce integration is part of RegistrationMagic Premium. Thanks for liking the plugin.

    2. rmagic

      Please update RegistrationMagic Premium to latest version; there was one bug that we have fixed now.

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