User Manager

User Manager

User Manager allows you to view and manage all the registered user from single location. You can search and filter, activate/deactivate, and delete users.
Users are presented in a table view. Each row contains a checkbox on the left end to select the user for batch operations. On the right end, there is a “View” link; click on it to view profile of the user.

Operation bar includes following actions:
New User: It will direct control to WordPress’ default user creation page, where you can create a new user manually.
Activate: It will activate all the selected users. Useful for batch operations.
Deactivate: It will deactivate all the selected users. Useful for batch operations.

Delete: It will delete the selected users from WordPress. Please note that this action is irreversible. In Multisite environments, this will only remove the user from current website instead of deleting it.

User Profile

You can display profile of a user by clicking on “View” in the table view. On user profile page, all the details are shown about the user on the left side along with the profile image.

Tip: If you are using Woocommerce integration, you will also see total revenue from the user. More info here.

On the right side, there is a tabbed view, containing four tabs.
First tab contains data from the custom profile fields submitted by the user. Custom profile fields have “Show on user page” setting enabled. You can change it on the field edit page, or during creation of a field in the form.
Second and third tab contains Attachments and submission from the user respectively.
Fourth tab contains emails sent to that user.

Tip: If you are using Woocommerce integration, you will have a fifth tab containing details such shipping and billing address, downloads available to user and orders placed by the user. More Info More info here.

User profile page has two actions available on the operation bar.
Edit: Directs control to the edit profile page of the WordPress for corresponding user. You can edit user details and save it.
Send a New Email: Allows you to send a personal email to user manually.