How to Restrict User Access by Date in WordPress

Restrict User Access by Date in WordPress Form with RegistrationMagic

You must have seen movies classifying themselves based on the age of the viewer. Some movies are accessible exclusively to individuals above the age of 18. Similarly, RegistrationMagic introduces a feature which filters users according to different parameters. These parameters include age, user role or passphrase. This WordPress registration plugin allows you to restrict user access by date in WordPress forms. On the other hand, it also enables passphrase and user role-based access control.

However, some forms might not be suitable for display to minors. With this top-notch feature, you can now provide PG (Parental Guidance) for specific forms not meant for minors.

To sum up, users need to input their date of birth before filling out the form. This filters their age and decides whether to grant them access to a specific form. The “Access Control” section of this plugin, allows extensive control to users filling up the form. So let’s start this tutorial on how to restrict user access by date in WordPress.

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Navigate to “Access Control” over your WordPress form

From your RegistrationMagic dashboard, go to the “All Forms” page. Here, we go ahead using the General Purpose Form. This is the form lying right next to the Login and Demo forms. Hover your cursor on the form envelope and click the “Dashboard” link.

restrict user access form manager

You are finally on the “Dashboard” screen of the General Purpose Form. This section allows you to analyze form analytics, submissions and configure most of the form elements. You can also build and publish a page using this space. In short, you can use this section for your complete WordPress form design.

Next, scroll down to the “Configure” subheading to add extra specs to your form. This is the section from where we restrict user access by date in WordPress forms. Consequently, click the “Access Control” icon to trigger various permits in your form.

restrict user access access control settings

After that, we are now going to configure the “Access Control” of this form.

Configure the “Access Control” of your form

The first field on this page is used to restrict user access by date in WordPress forms. Upon checking the box, users will have to input a date before they can access the form. This setting is quite useful for WordPress new user registration. Some forms and site content, which are unsuitable for minors, can be restricted using this feature.

restrict user access configure control

The “Question for asking date” is a mandatory field. Whatever question you insert in this section will display itself in the frontend. Then, users will answer this question by entering the date below. To illustrate, shared below is an image as to how this date based access control will look from the frontend.

restrict user access frontend

In this example, the “question for asking date” is set with the default “Enter your Date of Birth” text. To sum up, this question is asked to the user for entering a date.

The next field “Limit Type” allows you to select the “Age Limit” or “Absolute Dates” radio button.

restrict user access template

These are the two limit types:

  • Age Limit – This limit switches on the lower and upper age limit fields. These fields accept only numbers. Users falling in between the age group defined by the upper and lower limits can only access the form.
  • Absolute Dates – This window switches on the upper and lower date limit fields. Users falling in between the two predefined dates can only access the form.

Other fields enable passphrase based form access control. One can also enable WordPress user roles based form access control from this space.

You can also enter an “Access Denied” note which the user will see if access is not granted. Moreover, you can apologize to users with a note saying “Sorry, you don’t have the authorization to access this content”.

This is how you can easily restrict user access by date in WordPress form. Thus, due to its ease of use, users consider it as the best WordPress registration plugin.

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