Easy Digital Downloads Contact Form

Easy Digital Downloads Contact Form and Its Specialized Use

“Easy Digital Downloads” is the plugin assisting you with downloading digital products. Its focus lies on digital products. With its unrivaled flexibility and user-friendly attributes, EDD is definitely one of the best plugins around. Digital products can be eBooks, Videos, Audio files, PDF files and even WordPress plugin. Once you pay for these products and buy them, they are stored in your local system. Easy Digital downloads have no limits (with few exceptions).

The Easy Digital Downloads contact form can gather not just information entered by the user, but also all relevant user details, including previous interactions, and purchases automatically. Further, Easy Digital Downloads contact form can send this intelligence gathered regarding your user to you as admin via email.

Monitoring the purchase details and user history individually takes up a lot of time. This manual work increases the turnaround time, especially when you have to reply to the user enquiry.

With RegistrationMagic, you can automate the complete workflow and interact with your users faster. Let us show you how.

Configuring Email Templates with EDD

Firstly, activate the EDD plugin (if not done already). Activate the RegistrationMagic plugin. Then, create a contact form with RegistrationMagic plugin and publish it. You can refer to RM Starter guide, where above steps from building the form to publishing it is discussed in detail.

Go to the Dashboard of the form and Configure the “Email Templates”. This is the section for email configuration. It also aids in attaching email codes to the body of the email.

Scroll down to the “Notification Templates for Admin” section. Now fill the “New Submission Email Body” with necessary details sent to the admin.

Easy Digital Downloads notification templates

These details assist the admin is collecting every data possible and answering user queries. With every query submission from the user, these codes select the history for the specified user email ID.

The admin also receives the data in the contact form email itself.

Extracting EDD details of the client

Insert {{SUBMISSION_DATA}} attaching details of every submission made with the specific email address. The {{SUBMISSION_HISTORY}} email code attaches details of past form submissions made with RM. Significantly, attaching these two email codes are mandatory.

Easy Digital Downloads edd code

Attach the email code {{RM_EDD_DETAILS}} to render Easy Digital Downloads customer data and history. Click “Save”.

All digital downloads made by the user are now visible to the admin. The purchase date, time and other details are available to the admin as well. Thus, adding the email code extracts every EDD detail possible.

To illustrate, shared below is a screenshot displaying the EDD details for a specific customer.

Easy Digital Downloads result


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