Email Users

Email Users

Emails are another important feature of RegistrationMagic. This section explains about how to send emails to the users who submitted a given form. Further, we will also look into how to the sent emails.

Subject: Specify a subject for the batch email here.

Body: You can compose an email content here. And, this field also supports mail-merge functionality. To do it, simply select a field from the dropdown shown just above the editor. It will insert a placeholder for that field (in the email body), which will be replaced by the actual value from the user’s submission data before email is sent out.

Batch emails are added to a queue that gets processed at regular intervals. At each interval out small chunk of emails are sent out and process repeats till queue is empty. Batch processing is done to prevent emails from being flagged as spams and to avoid overstepping of emails limit on the server.

Operation bar contains following action elements:

Back: To go back.

Active Queues: Provides a view for all running email queues. We can also cancel a queue from here.

Sent Emails: Links to outbox page where all the sent emails can be viewed at a glance.
List includes almost every email that RegistrationMagic has sent including Auto-Responder email, activation email, etc.

The view of this page is similar to one for submissions page, including the same filters and search options. The only difference is that form selector on the right corner now also includes an “All” options at the top. You can select it to view all the emails including the ones not related to a specific form, such as an email directly sent from user profile.