4 Easy Steps To Make a Registration Form With PayPal?

The easiest way to collect money on your website is through a registration form with PayPal.

The surge in the online world has encouraged more and more businesses to go digital and create WordPress websites.

But, as an e-com store, event planner, NGO, or marketplace, you need a WordPress registration form with a payment option.

The RegistrationMagic plugin makes it a cakewalk.

You can now collect payments on your website through PayPal easily.

How is it actually possible?

Just spend 10 minutes on this guide and check the process to use RegistrationMagic.

After this, make a registration form with PayPal and accept payments in a hassle-free manner.

Overview & Features of RegistrationMagic Plugin

RegistrationMagic is a WordPress user registration plugin with PayPal. It helps you create beautiful, simple, and any type of form.

Whether you need to make a payment form or a subscription form, just open this WP PayPal plugin and make it in minutes.

What more?

There are multiple options for layout, fields, custom fields, and other customizations.

Explore some of the powerful features of the RegistrationMagic WordPress PayPal plugin with the form:

registration form with PayPal

How Can You Configure PayPal Payment Mode to Your Registration Form?

Checked the features of RegistrationMagic and installed the WordPress registration form plugin already?

If not, then here’s the easy guide to install RegistrationMagic.

Now, let’s understand what it actually means to create a free registration form with PayPal integration.

On many websites, businesses want to accept a registration fee. Take the content marketplace, for example. Here, if a user needs to read premium content, they need to register and pay.

How will you accept this payment?

You can create a registration form with PayPal integration. The user will fill the registration form on WordPress and use PayPal web payments to pay.

But before proceeding, make sure your PayPal account is up and running. If you don’t have a PayPal account, then just go to this link and create one.

Configure Registration Form with PayPal in 4 Simple Steps!

Want to start creating registration forms with PayPal on WordPress?

There’s no need to code or spend a week setting up this form. Use these 4 simple steps!

1.     Create a Form

To accept payments using PayPal, we need to first make a WordPress custom registration form.

A simple process to follow:

  1. Go to Admin Panel.
  2. Under RegistrationMagic, open All Forms.
  3. Click on New Form.

After this, start by deciding a name for your form. For ease, you can just keep it Registration Form.

If your PayPal-supported website is supposed to have multiple registration forms, then choose relevant names.

registration form with PayPal

Remember to not turn off the ‘Turn off user registration for this form’ option. In case,  you are not creating a registration form, then mark this box.

2.     Add Fields

Once you have created the WordPress user registration form, you will find it in the All Forms list. Your newly created form will the first one on the list.

From here, hover your cursor over the form and click on Fields. This will take you to a new page.

registration form with PayPal

You will find a few default fields here already added to the form. For example, username. These fields are always there in a registration form by default. Hence, these are added to the form automatically.

registration form with PayPal

But, you can add more fields to your registration form with PayPal. Click on New Field and select the field type.

registration form with PayPal

If we click on Text, then these are options that you need to fill.

registration form with PayPal

After adding the necessary fields, you can click on Save and this field will be added to your form.

If you are not able to understand the meaning of any field, check the content on the right side. It explains how you need to fill a particular field.

3.     PayPal Configuration

With this, you have created a registration form. Now, you need to set up a PayPal payment on the website.

Go to Global Settings from RegistrationMagic on your Admin site. This will take you to an array of options.

Just find Payments and click on it.

registration form with PayPal

On the following page, there are many options. Click on the Configure button given next to PayPal.

registration form with PayPal

Enable Test Mode if you initially want to test your payments. You can turn it off later.

In the Email, add your PayPal account’s email. This PayPal account will receive all the payments from your website.

Anything else?

That’s all. You have successfully configured the PayPal form on WordPress.

registration form with PayPal

Note: If you don’t have a PayPal account, then you need to set up PayPal to configure it on RM.

Note: If you want, you can set up other payment methods in a similar way. When you would click on Configure for Stripe, you will get options to setup Stripe payment. It is also possible to add more than one payment method to your WordPress registration page as well. Just Configure multiple payment modes and select them. Your users will get all these options to complete the payment successfully.

4.     Create a Product

However, to use this PayPal configuration and accept payments, you need to follow one more step.

That is, creating a product!

Create a product, assign this product to your form, and enable it to accept payments.

Let’s see how this can be done:

From your RegistrationMagic menu,

Go to -> Products.

On the Products page, click on New Product to add a product.

registration form with PayPal  registration form with PayPal

Define the features of the product.

There is four Product Pricing Type:

  • Fixed
  • Multi-Select
  • Dropdown
  • User-Defined

registration form with PayPal

Each one has a different use. For example, user-defined can be used to accept donations on an NGO website. e-Commerce websites that accept PayPal can use a fixed price type.

Add the remaining fields and define the pricing. If your PayPal registration is for USD 50, then add 50 in the Price column.

Once you click the Save button, the product will be created.

Go back to your form, Add Field, and Add Product there.

registration form with PayPal

Select Product Type, Label, and Product from the list. This will assign an USD 50 fee to the registration form with PayPal.

registration form with PayPal

Lastly, just like other pages, you need to add the Shortcode of this form to a new page.

From the All Forms page, copy the Shortcode of your Registration Form.

Add New Page and paste the Shortcode on this page. Save to publish Registration Form on your website that accepts PayPal credit.

registration form with PayPal

Over To You

From helping you accept payments to avoiding spam, RegistrationMagic is packed with features. You just need to install the best WordPress registration plugin to start exploring the endless opportunities.

If you want to check out more products by Metagauss, then check our Metabundle. It is a bundle containing our best premium products: RegistrationMagic, EventPrime, and ProfileGrid. EventPrime helps you create and manage events. ProfileGrid is for creating memberships, communities, and subscriptions.

For any issue or query, reach us in the below comment box. Our team will get back to you.

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