Price Fields

Price Fields

Price Fields are special fields that allow you to define a pricing structure and then insert it into your forms using special custom field type “Pricing”. Think of “Pricing” custom field as a shell and the “Price Fields” as manager for creating structures that can be inserted into Pricing custom field types.

The view of Price Fields is very similar to Custom Field Manager. You can create following types of price fields:

Fixed: It allows you to set a single price type.
Multi-Select: It allows you to set up multiple prices for different items. User can select as many items as he/ she wants before submitting the form and proceeding to checkout. Items will display as checkboxes.
Dropdown: As the name suggests, it allows users to pick one among many items of different price points.
User-Defined: Here user can set his or her own price before payments. It comes handy for accepting donations or charity where you let your user decide the payment.

While creating price field you can also configure if user can specify quantity for a priced item. To enable it, check “Allow User to Specify Quantity” option. If enabled, it will provide a numeric input to get quantity, along with the price field.

Operations Bar
Operations Bar has two controls – Add New and Remove. Add New allows creation of new fields, while Remove will allow you to multi select fields and remove them.

Standard Edition only allows you to create one Price Field, with Fixed price structure.