Submitting WordPress Registration Form Before Collecting Payment [Breakthrough Ideas]

WordPress Registration Form Payments

If you have a paid registration form on your WordPress website, you must have met a lot of users by now who wish to pay offline. Instead of paying online with form submission, most people prefer to pay offline nowadays. This request is increasing by the day as people need the flexibility to pay at the time of their choosing, by the method of their choosing. The payments need not necessarily take place when users are registering from a form. As the owner of a membership website, or an eCommerce website, it becomes absolutely essential for you to grant this freedom to your users. Giving them this flexibility will send out a strong message that you value your users’ time as well as money. This will eventually give a major boost to your website’s credibility and attract even more users willing to be members of it.

We are going to explore today how RegistrationMagic allows you this flexibility and how that will make people thank you later for the awesome registration experience you provided to them.

Offline Payments – Register Now, Pay Later

RegistrationMagic allows collection of payments even after a user has submitted the registration form owing to its unique ‘Offline’ payment method. Configuring ‘Offline’ payments is fairly quick and easy. All you need to do to make your registration form ‘Offline’ payment compatible, is to activate it from RegistrationMagic’s Global Settings -> Payments settings. See the following screenshots on how I did it for my own registration form…

Global Settings Offline Enable

Global Settings Offline Configure

Once ‘Offline’ payment is configured from the Global Settings, the next step is to create a Product. Products are how RegistrationMagic adds payments to a registration form. You can create as many Products as you want and then add them onto your form using the ‘Add Product’ field. I just created a Product of my own and set its price to $9.99. After that, I added it to my registration form as a ‘Product’ field.

Adding Offline Product Field

There’s a lot more to Products and Payments in RegistrationMagic and I am only covering a few small parts of it here. If you need more details on how to configure Payments and add Products to forms, I’d recommend checking out our Payments Guide: Setup payments on registration form using products.

Now that our Product is added to the registration form, the price will show up to the users on registration. Let us see how our registration form works with ‘Offline’ payment configured on it. I filled out the form with all the details required by it…

Registering with Offline Payment

…And then submitted it…

Offline Registration Successful

Post Submission Process

After submitting the form, I got the form submission successful message and an email was delivered to my inbox by RegistrationMagic. This is the same email template that we configured from the Global Settings -> Payments settings. The email is a message to the user registering from the form to perform a set of actions as decided by the site admin to get his/her user account activated.

In this example, the email is a message to me, as a member trying to register from the form, to contact site administrator on further steps to complete the payment process. The form has registered all the detailed I entered during form submission. And now, it is up to the site administration to activate my account on the site, once I have completed the payment process.

Giving Users the Convenience to Pay Offline

RegistrationMagic’sOffline’ payment method is a pretty neat way to simplify the overall user registration process. It allows you to control which user accounts to activate and which ones not, depending on which users made their due payments in time. And all the while, it allows your users the ease of registering without having to worry about paying at the same time.

So can you, or your site users, ever say no to such a win-win deal? I bet we both have the same answer in our minds.


  1. Alex Filatoff

    I want to implement paid membership – added product “Membership” on registration form, but it redirects user to “Your Order” instead of PayPall. How can I add PayPall button to the registration form to redirect user to PayPal?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Alex,

      You can turn off the option Enable New PayPal Payment Interface from PayPal payment configuration settings in Global Settings -> Payments. That will redirect user to PayPal site automatically after form submission.

  2. sorei

    Offline payment – the mail i am getting is only about the form membership fields submission, nothing mentioning about the membership fees.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Go to RegistrationMagic > global settings > payments > in payment processors, choose offline > click on configure beside offline and configure the required email here > save when done.

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