Global Overrides

Global Overrides

This section of RegistrationMagic provides you an easy way to override Global Settings on individual forms. Once you have turned on an override, the corresponding Global Setting value will have no effect on this form. Available settings are…

Send Notification To

Enabling this option will send email notification to the recipients of this form for every form submission.

Define Recipients Manually

Requires Send Notification To option to be enabled

This option will allow you to manually add people who you’d want to receive notifications for form submissions. Use the ‘Click to add more’ link to add more than one recipients, or use the ‘Delete’ link to remove a recipient from the list. There is no limit to the number of recipients you can have for a form.

The recipient list added here will override the recipient list added from the Global Settings.

Show expiry countdown above the form?

Enabling this option shows form submission status above the form, if Limits are turned on. For example, the submission status will display something like ‘2 OUT OF 50 FILLED’ if the limit is based on the number of form submissions. Or, it can display something like ‘2 DAYS TO GO’ if limit is based on time.

Selecting ‘Default’ will use the value for this option from the Global Settings itself.

WP Registration Auto Approval

Enabling this option automatically activates user accounts after form submission (if User Registration is enabled for the form). Select ‘No’ if you want to manually activate users. Manual activation can be done from the User Manager section of RegistrationMagic. Or by clicking on the activation link in the User Activation email received by the Admin.

Selecting ‘Default’ will use the value for this option from the Global Settings itself.

Enable reCaptcha

This option enables you to override the globally configured reCaptcha and disable it for this form specifically. Select ‘No’ to disable reCaptcha, or select ‘Default’ to keep the globally configured reCaptcha active.

Form submission limit for a device

Set a number from this field to limit how many times a form can be submitted from a specific device within a day. Set the value to zero (0) to disable this feature. Enabling this feature will help in preventing automated spam attacks that can use a specific device to send numerous useless form submissions.