User Roles

User Roles

This section in RegistrationMagic allows you to create new user roles and/or manage existing ones. You can also create paid user roles for registrations, which will require a user to pay a specified registration amount along with form submission. Available settings are…

Role Key

Add the Key value of the User Role from this field that will be saved in the site’s database as a unique identifier for that User Role. While Role Names can be same for more than one Role (not a good practice though), the Role Key needs to be unique for each one of them. It is always a good practice to set the Role Key and Role Name to be same, if there is no Role Key existing by the same name already.

The Role Key is usually not visible on the front-end of the site.

Role Name

Add the Name of the User Role from this field. Name is not a unique identifier for User Roles, so multiple Roles can have the same Role Name. However, it is a good practice to keep the Role Name unique as well, along with the Role Key.

The Role Name is usually visible on the front-end of the site, instead of the Role Key.

Inherit Permissions

Select from one of the pre-existing WordPress User Roles to inherit its viewing & editing permissions for the new custom Role you are creating. Any new User Roles created with RegistrationMagic will also be available for selection in this dropdown selection field.

Sign-up Charge

Select whether users will be charged while signing up for this Role or not. If enabled, users will be redirected to a checkout page after submitting the form and the user account, assigned with this Role, will be activated on successfully making the payment.

Do make sure that you have configured payment options from inside Global Settings >> Payments to have the payment process working.