How to submit WordPress form data to external url

Submit WordPress form data to external url

Submitting WordPress form data to external url is part of RegistrationMagic integration with third-party services. This process is accomplished using the HTTP POST Protocol.

The external server acts as an data storage manager for storing form submission data. This is useful while maintaining multiple databases for form submissions. The URL you embed must be configured to capture data sent by the form.

You can also configure the third-party server as form data backup. Let’s learn the process of sending form submission data to external URL.


Go to Registrationmagic plugin. Click “All Forms”.

submit wordpress form data to external url

Click on “Dashboard” from any form. This will take you to the dashboard page. Go to Post Submission settings under the Configure category.

wordpress form data to external urlform manager

Navigate to the Post Submission page. The first field configures form success message. The next field generates a unique registration number for the user.

This field is followed by a Redirection field. It allows you to redirect your user to a page on form submission. You can also direct your user to a preferred URL.

Configuring the “Send submitted data to external URL” feature

The next field is a checkbox with the message “Send submitted data to External URL”. Choose a URL of third party server. All the data will be redirected to the database of the external server.

The rule is triggered every time the form is submitted by your user.

As an example, we have filled the URL with as the link to the external server. All form submission data is stored at that URL.

wordpress form data to external url options

Click on Save. Go back to your form.

You have now integrated form submission database with a third-party URL. This external server will hold your data post submission.

wordpress form data to external url result




    Hello. You write “All form submission data is stored at that URL.”
    Can you develop ?
    In particular, the caption at the right of the option suggests that the URL has to contain a script (french translation). What about this script ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      RegistrationMagic sends submission data to the configured URL. This allows to save the submission data to an external website or database. As the URL is external to WordPress, one must have to develop a script to catch the data and use as per their need.

  2. Kavita Oberoi

    So the form’s field with name = “username” should be retrieved using $_POST[‘username’] by the external URL…? But that doesn’t seem to work! Any clues how to get the retrieve the data on the external page…?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please check $_POST instead of accessing the single value and share the result with us for further analysis.


        Can you please help with how to retrieve data from the form in the external file?

        1. RegistrationMagic

          In order to export submissions, go to RegistrationMagic > inbox > export all

  3. Bernie Herms

    In my cath all script i only get
    [First_Name] => test
    [Last_Name] => blq
    [Email] => [email protected]

    I also need the username and password field to put this in an other database. These fields do not get send after submit? I Really need this.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please raise a ticket with our support as we will need further technical details as to where and how this script is expected to be called.

      1. RegistrationMagic

        The “Export All” button available in RegistrationMagic > Inbox is a feature of premium version of RegistrationMagic and not present in the standard version. Please make sure you are using the premium version of RegistrationMagic.

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