Registration Based WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Contact forms help you and your users to establish a communication process with each other. This WordPress contact form plugin helps you to create attractive contact forms on your WordPress website.

It also helps you to track, manage, and edit all the forms that are created using this plugin.

This WordPress contact form plugin is also loaded with powerful features that most of the popular WordPress contact form plugins lack!

If your website does not have a contact form, then it becomes very much difficult for your customers to reach out to you. You need a WordPress contact form plugin to open the support line to customers.

On WordPress, there is a range of WordPress contact form plugins that offer unique features and added functionalities. However, RegistrationMagic is the best WordPress contact form plugin when it comes to creating any type of contact form.

It has dynamic features, powerful integrations, easy to use backend, and much more. Moreover, unlike most contact form plugins, you need no coding to create, manage, or edit the forms.



Powerful features of RegistrationMagic that makes Registration Based WordPress contact form plugin unique

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Every WordPress contact form plugin offers a series of features for users. For instance, visual editors, the ability to customize fields, and making a contact form.

These forms offer a simple way to connect with users. But, if you require advanced WordPress contact form features, here’s what the RegistrationMagic can provide that other contact form plugins lack:

56 Field Types package

56 Field Types package 56 Field Types package

One of the best unique features of this WordPress contact form plugin is that it comes with a 56 Field Types package. The package contains 56 prebuilt fields that can be used in your contact form.

These custom field types can be used for any type of form. Moreover, this package includes fields such as timezone, products, E-Sign, shortcodes, privacy policies, and much more. Further, the fields are categorized as Common Fields, Special Fields, Profile Fields, WooCommerce Fields, Social Fields, and Display Fields.

Conditional Fields

Another feature of this WordPress contact form plugin that adds to the value is conditional fields. The plugin comes with a conditional fields extension that allows you to add conditional logic to your forms.

Now, you can control the appearance of your form based on other field values. For example, if the user fills in the first field value, the next field will be changed based on the condition you have added.

Intelligent Contact Form

contact form

The Intelligent Contact Form Extension of RegistrationMagic comes with message shortcodes.

These shortcodes automatically fetch the user data from their history on your WordPress website. These data include information such as what the user wrote to you earlier with a contact form submission, the purchase history of your WooCommerce customer, and much more.

The information allows you to analyze and understand user behavior and gives you insights along with the submitted content.


Recurring events

MagicPopUp is an outstanding extension that improves the contact form experience and streamlines the process of accepting registrations or contact form queries.

Using MagicPopUp, users can register, sign in, and access data via one bar. To enable this feature you need to install the extension and enable it from Global Settings.

Once you have enabled the MagicPopUp menu, you would be able to view and customize this menu from the bottom right of your screen.

Online Token System

wordpress contact form plugin- Online Token System

Another great feature that most of the contact form plugins lack is a Unique Registration Token Number. Traditionally, the token system was widely utilized; mostly in the offline world. Users can get this feature in the online environment as well through the RegistrationMagic contact form plugin.

This token system helps you provide a unique token to every user who reaches out to you or signs up on your website. The admin receives a copy of these unique tokens on the backend, from where the admin can manage everything related to a token number.

When multiple users have the same name or surname, you can use these tokens to differentiate.

In online e-commerce stores, a unique token is shared with the admin as well as users, which makes the account secure and free from various threats.

This token also helps in authenticating the users. Any user can offer this token number and receive support from your backend team.

Advanced Security

The WordPress user registration plugin improves the security of your forms. Here’s how:

  • Admins can enable the reCAPTCHA option to eliminate spam submissions and allow only verified humans or individuals to submit a WordPress contact us form on your website.
  • You can limit every device to the number of submissions. For instance, one device can submit up to 3 requests or queries through the contact form in one day. This also eliminates spam and adds to the security of reCAPTCHA.
  • Admins have the power to enable custom rules related to passwords, which helps in setting stronger passwords. Hence, reducing the risk of weak password security. You can use rules like one uppercase letter, one number, one special character, the minimum length of eight characters, etc.
  • Admins can place additional controls to figure out IPs that may be spam. You can add these IPs to the banned list and avoid these users from accessing your forms or registration details. It is possible to add multiple IPs to the banned list.
  • Similar to IPs, admins have the power to also ban email addresses using this contact form plugin. You just need to add the email IDs to the list and separate multiple IDs with white space.
  • Admins can enable two-factor authentication on the contact form or the website to avoid unwanted access to your forms.

Submission Notes

Submission Note - wordpress contact form plugin

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The next exclusive feature of RegistrationMagic that other contact form plugins lack is Submission notes. Using this WordPress contact form plugin, you can add submission notes to your forms. These individual notes can be sent to users as well.

Attachment Brower

With the RegistrationMagic plugin, you have an option to overview all the attachments in one browser. You can check and download one attachment or every file together from this browser in a zip file.

Admins can also check the image thumbnails to download the appropriate file. Many contact form plugins lack this important feature.

They either send the attachments to your email or have haphazard storage. You can sort, filter, and manage attachments effortlessly with RegistrationMagic!


All the features discussed above help you create an attractive, feasible, and valuable form for your users.

You can analyze better, improve the security of the form, and enhance the user experience. Simply evaluate your unique business requirements, find the best extension of RegistrationMagic, and create a powerful contact form now!

If you wish to reach out to us with some queries, then comment in the box below and we will connect with you soon.

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