Submissions are important feature of RegistrationMagic. A submission is a record for complete details entered by the user. While working complimentary to email notification records, it allows you a quick overview and perform various registration related operations.

Submissions feature is accessed from left side RegistrationMagic menu, or by clicking submission number on a form card.

Submissions List
The main Submission area is form specific and requires using Form Switcher for accessing submissions received through various forms. All submissions will be recorded inside a table, with first 4 fields of the forms as columns, displaying their values in rows below. A checkbox on each row allows multi-select to perform batch operations.
All unread submissions are shown in bold text. Clicking “View” button will take you to the details of the submission.

General Operations
Export All: Clicking on it will export all submissions in a general purpose CSV format. Any filter or search that might have been in use will also apply to exported submissions.
Mark All Read: You can quickly mark all submissions as read by clicking on it.
Delete: Clicking on it will delete selected submissions.

Search and Filter
There’s a sidebar on left which has two tabs namely search and filter.

Search tab includes:

  • Time based search: You can quickly view submission from a specific time period using the radio buttons such as Today, This Week, This Month, etc. If you want to specify a custom date range you can do so by clicking on the “Specific Period” and then selecting “From” and “Up to” dates.
  • Filters: You can apply one or more pre-made filters such as pending payments, submission with attachment, unread submissions, and many more. Note that if multiple filters are used, then a submission will be included, if it matches ANY of the filters.
  • Field Search: Select a Field and input search term in the text box below it to find submissions where the field value entered by the user is same as the search term. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click “Search” button to perform the operation.
    To reset search parameters, click “Reset” Button

Filter tab includes:

  • Save search as filter: You can save currently applied time based and filter based search as a custom filter. Simply provide a name in the textbox and click on Save.
  • Custom Filters: All saved filters will appear in this dropdown. Select a filter and click on ‘Apply’ to activate it. You can also click Delete to remove a previously created filter.

Individual Submission Page
This is the individual record page page for the submission accessed by clicking “View” in Submissions Table.

There are 8 buttons on the operations bar.

Back – It takes you back to the Submissions page.

Add Note – This will open a dialog box through which you can add a note to the submission. Note can have a specific color and its visibility to front-end user can also be configured.

Print – Clicking on it will generate a pdf copy of the submission data.

Delete – It deletes the submission record. Note – this cannot be undone.

(Un)Block Email – It will add the email address used for submission to the blacklist, preventing any submission in future from unwanted email address. If given email address is already blocked, the button will change to “Unblock Email”. You can manage blocked emails in Global Settings >> Security.

(Un)Block IP – It will add user IP address to the blacklist, preventing any access to RegistrationMagic Form from unwanted IP address. If given IP address is already blocked, this button will change to “Unblock IP”. You can manage blocked IP addresses in Global Settings >> Security.

Send Message: You can use it to quickly send a message to the user.

Related: Click on it to list all the submission from this email address. Number of total related submissions will show up in parentheses.

Editing Submission.
On the bottom of the submission you will see a link “Edit This Submission”. You can use it to edit the submitted data.