Publish Registration Form with Page Builder’s WordPress Register Widget

WordPress Register Widget (of Page Builder)

With a Page Builder, you can create a page with multiple rows and columns. Further, you can organize the content in a more dynamic way by dividing page into sections. Let’s discuss how to register users through WordPress register widget of page builder by SiteOrigin (as an example). This tutorial can be applied to any page builder system.

The drag and drop interface of Page Builder allows you in add features without using any code. Page Builder will take care of the coding part. Page builder doesn’t restrict you with pre-defined layouts. You can include rows and columns and customize manually.

Let us now discuss the steps which will publish RegistrationMagic’s registration form through WordPress register widget.

Installing the Page Builder and activating it

Firstly, from your WordPress dashboard go to Plugins. Click on “Add New” and search for “Page Builder by SiteOrigin”. Click on the “Install Now” button.

The screenshot shared below is without the “Install Now” and “Activate” buttons since the plugin is already active.

WordPress register widget

Navigation to the “All Forms” page in RegistrationMagic. Copy the shortcode on the form card.

Publishing WordPress register widget

Navigate back to Pages >> Add New. Create a fresh page and label it as “New Page”. This will be the page which will display your registration form.

Notice a “Page Builder” option to the right with other options as visual and text. Click on it and you will see a new setup with options to add a widget, row or pre-built layout.

Click on “Widget” and then look for the RegistrationMagic widget, which is preconfigured WordPress register widget. This widget will have settings to select the desired form, without the need of shortcode.

Alternatively, you can look for “Text” widget. You will find the text widget at the bottom corner of the “All Widgets” page.

Clicking on it will navigate you back to you New Page with a text widget.

Paste the shortcode you copied from the clipboard.

Click “Done”. Publish the page.

Click the permalink just below the heading of your page. This will redirect you to your registration form which you had published through the page builder’s WordPress register widget.

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