Form Analytics

Form Analytics

Form Analytics is set of statistics generated from RegistrationMagic Forms. They provide important insight into forms usage by site visitors. It is form specific area, so you will have to use Form Switcher for viewing data for corresponding forms.


Operations Bar has only only one operation:

RESET – It will reset all statistics to empty. This cannot be undone, so should be used cautiously.
Form Analytics includes various charts to display relevant information.

Submissions over time: The timeline view of the submissions over the period of 30, 60 and 90 days. You can select time range from the dropdown available in the top-left corner.

Conversion rate, browser usage and other stats: Left pie chart shows aggregate conversion rate for the form, whereas right pie chart shows browser usage. Beneath these you can see failure rate and average time taken to fill the form. Together these can be used to make decisions to engage more visitors.

For example if average filling time is higher, you can make form simpler by removing some non-important fields.

Browser wise conversion: This bar chart displays conversion data per browser.