Redirect user to specific page after form submission

Redirect user to specific page after form submission

Its great idea to redirect user to specific page after the form submission. Make sure the page you have redirected solves the purpose, as part of customer journey workflow.

Redirecting user to specific page after form submission is easy; you can manage this workflow from simple setting from your WordPress dashboard.

Configuring the user redirection feature

Click on the RegistrationMagic plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Go to Form dashboard.

redirect user to the specific page form

The “Post Submission” section allows you to configure the redirection steps after submission.

redirect user to the specific page form manager

Click on it and begin configuring. The field “Success Message” displays a confirmation text once the form is submitted successfully. The next field generates a unique registration token number for the user.

Next, lets discuss Redirection. This automated function redirects the user to a page you have specified after successful form submission.

Choosing the page where you want to redirect the user

From the drop-down select the page you are going to redirect your customer to. You can specify any custom page, or general pages such as Login page and Submissions page.

redirect user to the specific page options

Choose one selection. In our example, we will be redirecting the user to the Login Page. Click Save.

Go back to All Pages and submit the form from your specific page. Upon submission, a message stating “Redirecting you to Login” will take you (or your user) to the Login Page.

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  1. anne therese peters

    Hello. I cannot get the re-direct function to work. I tried both the re-dirct to a page and to an URL. And followed these directions. Any tips? Thanks. Anne

    1. rmagic

      Thank you. Could you please reach out to our support team to resolve this issue.

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